Saturday, October 24, 2009

DIY: Hair Flower, Version 2.0

Even though I said I was very happy with the way it turned out...turns out I'm not.  It just didn't really lay the way I wanted it to.

So when I was in Joann's looking for something non-wedding related, I decided to pick up a little more white material and give it another go.  Here's what I came up with.

Much better!  I like that it's more structured and actually looks like a flower, instead of being floofy flower-like flower.  I can't show you a picture of it in my hair yet because I have to find a clip to sew it onto, but what I can do is show you how I made it.  Even better right??

Step-by-step Tutorial
1.  Cut out five petal shapes for the base layer from satin.

I know there are only two here, but I promise I do know how to count...just go with me on this.
2.  Thread a simple running stitch through the bottom of each petal.

And yes, I used green embroidery floss because it was the only thing at my apartment and I was too antsy to wait til I got home.
3.  Gather the ends tight and tie it in a knot to give the petal some pucker.

4.  Hold each petal over a flame to seal the edges and let them shrink a little.  Unfortunately for me I didn't have a candle so I was using a lighter.  I couldn't take a picture for you because I was too busy burning my fingers.  But just make sure you don't hold it too close so that the fabric burns.

5.  Arrange all five petals in a circular shape and sew them together in the center.

You can see how the edges are "puckery" from the flame.
6.  Cut out five petal shapes from organza, a little bit smaller than the satin ones.  For these I didn't do the gathering at the bottom, I just held them to the flame to get some shape.

7.  Arrange the organza petals into a circular shape and sew them together in the middle.

8.  Place the organza flower over the satin base layer and sew them in place.

9.  Repeat this same process with another layer of satin, slightly smaller, and a smaller layer of organza over that.  I also added three additional petals under the base of it to fill it out a little more.

10.  For the center of the flower, I cut a long skinny strip of satin and burned the edges of it to give it shape.  Then I rolled it until I was happy with the way it looked and sewed it together.  I sewed a few small petals around the outside of it, and then sewed it to the flower.

11.  There are a few petals of netting at the base of the flower, and I may consider adding a couple more so you can see it better. 

12.  Attach to your choice of clip or comb, and enjoy!

And there you have a finished flower.

I paid just under $1.50 for the material for this flower.  I purchased 1/8 yard of both white satin and white organza.  The tulle netting I had left from the first go around.

I'm much happier with the way this flower turned out, and I'm considering making a smaller version of it for my flowergirl to wear on a headband.  Like I've said before, with this much time on my hands, I'm bound to redo a project or two until I'm 100% satisfied with it.


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