Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The First Look

Allright guys, I'm sort of on the fence about this topic and I'll tell you why. 

At heart, I'm a very traditional kind of girl.  I like habits and rituals and patterns.  I like things that are done the same way over and over again.  I'm not always so great with change.  I want to wear a long white dress on my wedding day, a dress that Mr. T won't ever see until the wedding.  And I want my daddy to walk me down the aisle.  I want to light our unity candle together, instead of pouring sand or drinking wine.  I like knowing that I'm following in the footsteps of so many other people, that I'm doing what millions of brides  before me have done.  I want to see that look in my future husband's eyes when he sees me for the first time walking down the aisle.  I absolutely don't want to do this "first look" that is becoming so popular.

But I do.

And I don't.

And I just can't make up my mind. 
I feel like it should be an easy decision because I'm only about 5% pro first look, and a whopping 95% against it.  The only real reason I want to do it, is so that we can take all of our pictures before the ceremony, so we can enjoy our cocktail hour and mingle with our guests.  The church is about 20 minutes out of town, and I don't want everyone to have to come back into town and then wait around until the cocktail hour starts; but I don't want to miss it either!  I feel like I'm being a little selfish here, but it feels like we would be missing part of our own wedding.

I'm sure that once I come to terms with the fact that we just might have to miss out on part of the cocktail hour, I'll be fine.  I'm really not ready to sacrifice that amazing moment.  I just can't imagine that a planned meeting could portray the magnitude of emotions produced by seeing my almost-husband as I walk down the aisle.  It feels like cheating to me, that seeing him standing at the altar, waiting for me, somehow won't be as special.

So yes, while some of these new wedding trends have their place, (colored heels and candy buffets, anyone?) this just isn't one of them for me.  This is just going to be one of those times where I'm going to be the traditional bride.  I'll make my momma proud, yet!

What do you think??  Are you waiting to see your future hubby, or are you saving time and taking a peek?


  1. I've been thinking about this a lot too...I am all for this tradition like you, but I really want to be at the cocktail hour. Plus I'm not sure if we'll have enough time to do all the pictures we want in an hour. One thing we might do is an afternoon wedding with pictures afterward.

  2. We'll be doing the first look. I want to ensure we get all the photos we want before the ceremony because I'm worried how long it would be to do them after.
    Do whatever works for you though! If you have your heart set on seeing your FH when you start walking down the aisle, then do that!

  3. I'm doing the first look, but I'm also convinced that it's still going to be an amazing moment walked down the aisle as a bride.

  4. I'm on the fence about this one, too. Yeah it'd be nice to have a first look to get the formals out of the way before the ceremony, but it's not like we'll be alone to savor the moment together. There'll be the photographers, and most likely the bridal party and our parents. I wonder if I'll regret not being able to see the look on his face seeing me for the first time walking down the aisle with my dad. I think we'll still end up going with a first look though.

  5. I really, really wanted to wait until I walked down the aisle to see each other, but my FI didn't care about this tradition. And then he kinda ruined it for me by joking about it so much that I've decided just to go with the first look. I'm still making sure we stage it so it's somewhat special though!

  6. We are taking all the photos before the wedding since we aren't getting married until 6:30 pm, but we will definitely have a private moment/first look. :)

  7. As much as I'd like the moment to be a surprise, I definitely want a first will be such a special moment for the two of us. I love that we can have a few moments alone together before the ceremony, and from all the photos I've seen in the past, it will lend to some amazing pictures! I think that we will still have an amazing moment when I walk down the aisle...although he will have already seen the dress, etc, the entire ambience of the ceremony, the music, the guests, will make it an entirely different and wonderful experience!


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