Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Photo Print Equivalent of VistaPrint

You guys already know I'm a big fan of VistaPrint.  I had my save the date postcards printed through them.  They're absolutely fabulous and I get emails for free stuff all the time.

Just today I saw an older post by Miss Mojito over at "With This Ring, I Thee Blog."  She had been introduced to a company called ArtsCow that is very similar to VistaPrint in the sense that you get free stuff all the time and only have to pay shipping.

And the best part?? Even without the free emails and credits, the prints only cost SIX CENTS for a 4x6 or 12 CENTS for a 5x7.  That's way cheaper than the Walgreen's route I always go, even when they are on sale for half price.

So I clicked her referral link, with which she'll get an additional 200 credits for my first purchase, and signed up.  And just like she said, when you sign up they credit you with 600 4x6 prints, 600 5x7 prints, three 8x8 photo books, some coasters, key chains, bottle openers, collages, and a bunch of other random things.  They split it all up and some of it will expire within the month, and some not for 2 whole years.  They are willing to give you a LOT for being a new member.  All of it is free and you just pay the shipping.

I'm taking advantage of some of the credits and just ordered 20 of my engagement pictures in 5x7" size.  I only have to pay $4.99 for shipping.  I realize that's probably a little expensive for shipping, but considering the fact that I would be paying over $30.00 to print them all through Walgreen's I'm okay with that! And yes that's how much it would cost, I priced it out the other day and then decided against paying that much.

The confirmation says my order will be processed in 2 days and should arrive 6-12 days after that.  This works just fine for me since I'm in no rush.  I'm planning on putting them together in a scrapbook a.) because I love scrapbooks and b.) guests at our wedding will be able to look at them.

Now I have no idea how good the quality will be, but Miss Mojito says her friend has ordered prints from there and has been very pleased.  Honestly though, this is a chance I'm willing to take because if it turns out they are good quality, then I've just found a site that is going to save me a WHOLE bunch of money.

I'll be sure and let you guys know what the quality is like as soon as they get here!  If you're interested click on this referral link and it will bring you to their website.  Once you sign up and make your first purchase, I'll be credited with 200 prints!

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  1. Awesome! I'm so glad you saw this on my page and are now using it... I still haven't ordered from there, I was waiting to get the CD of e-pix from my photographer so I can't wait to hear how your order goes... please let me know!! You seriously can't beat that deal anywhere!


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