Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dressing The Guys

Last week I got an email from J P Tuxedos in Oak Forest, IL asking me to preregister my information online to lock in the current deals they have going, in the chance that I'm interested in renting our tuxes from them.  So I filled out a little form, and a lady called me the other day to tell me about their specials.

Here's what they currently have going:
     - $49.95 tuxedo rental (includes shirt, pants, and jacket)
     - 6th tuxedo rental free
     - Free suit for the groom after the wedding
     - If I complete the registration in store before the end of the month they'll throw in a 3rd rental free

The tuxes would be ready to pick up after 4 PM the Thursday before my wedding, and wouldn't need to be returned until the Monday after.  It seemed like a pretty good deal to me, but then again, I have no idea what price tux rentals cost.  That price also does not include the vest, tie, or shoes and when I called they couldn't give me a price over the phone.
Also, this place is a good hour from home and where the wedding is going to be, which is probably not the best option.  All of the guys will have to go up there to get fitted, and will then have to go up there to pick them up and make sure they fit.  They can probably all be returned by one person, but that's a lot of driving back and forth for tuxes
The other big thing... I have no idea what quality these tuxes are and would have to drive an hour one way just to find out if they're even worth renting.

I needed something to compare this price to, so I ran into town to our only men's clothing store, Sklut's, which is the only local place to rent tuxes within 25 miles.  I looked through their books and got an idea of how much we would be spending if we went with them.  They rent from Jim's Formal Wear and bring in the tuxes as needed.  We will have to have all of our guys fitted by February for our May 22 wedding, since they get really busy during prom season.

I used the Build-a-Tux feature on the website to show you the tuxes I liked while looking through the books. 

As you can see it shows you the style names in the chart. 
This first jacket is "Radnor" by Calvin Klein, and was one of the two I liked.

The second is "Crossroads" by Chaps Ralph Lauren.

The jackets are both very similar in style, and I belive they are about the same price.  The all black version is what we're going to go with for the groomsmen.  I knew I didn't want a colored vest and tie; that just screamed "Prom" to me, especially since it would be a bright green.

No thanks!! Although that is the closest match to our green I've seen yet.

I definitely think some wedding colors can pull it off, like pewter, or darker jewel tones, but ours definitely isnt one of them.  I thought about going with a black vest and a colored tie, but then decided all black would be much easier, and it looks very classy.  Mr. T will then be in a white vest and tie.

Price Breakdown:
Tux rental (includes jacket, pants, shirt, vest, and tie) - $104
Microfiber shirt upgrade - $5
Shoe Rental - $15
Insurance - $2
Total = $126

I still need to talk to Mr. T about this, but I'm heavily leaning this way.  The quality of these tuxes is wonderful and the store is right in town, which besides being convenient, will save people time and money on gas.  I also know the store owner, and the lady who is always working, and they are both so nice and helpful, it will be one less stress for me to worry about. 

Are you keeping your tux colors simple, or are you matching them to your girls??

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  1. Good call on the bright green vests! I was hoping to use one of our wedding colors (pale blue) for the vests, but S doesn't like it, so the tuxes will probably be more traditional. He's in charge of figuring all this out though, so that's one less thing for me to worry about :)


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