Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DIY: Engagement Pictures Scrapbook: Part One

Yesterday I told you about all the pictures I had printed off from artscow that came in the mail.  I printed them with the intention of putting together a scrapbook of all our favorite engagement pictures.  I found a plain black scrapbook on sale at Hobby Lobby for $5.00 and bought a bunch of paper while it was 50% off.

Although the scrapbook isn't technically going to be for the wedding, I still wanted to stick with the same color pallette.  I bought a variety of black and white paper that will be the background for all of the pages.  The green papers will then be used for accents.

I got most of my fun tools and supplies spread out and got to work.  A lot of my scrapbooking stuff is at home right now instead of at my apartment, so I didn't have EVERYTHING but I'm making do.

Here's the progress I've made so far.  I'll show you the rest when I get it finished.

Front cover.  I still need to add "and" in there, but all my other letters are at home.
I guess now you know mine and Mr. T's first names.  I just couldn't blur them out though!

Here's the first page when you open up the book.  I'm trying to keep it pretty simple, and the plan from the beginning was to only have one picture per page.  I thought about adding the wedding date on here, but decided against it because I have another scrapbook of sorts in progress that we're going to use for the guestbook.  I'll show you this when it gets finished.

I love my Clikit by Karen Foster for punching holes and setting eyelets.  I don't think they make it anymore, but I bought it when I made my highschool graduation announcements.

It comes with different size punches and eyelet setters and you can buy separate embossing tips.

Sorry for the advertisement, but I use it ALL the time.  Moving on.

And that's where I'm at for now.  These pictures probably came at the worst time though, because I have three tests this week I should be studying for and instead, this is what I'm doing.  I'll show you the rest when it's finished.


  1. Very cute, I love the different patterned paper you used!

  2. So easy to get distracted with this stuff huh? The book looks beautiful. Can't wait to see more of it!

  3. DIY: Engagement Pictures Scrapbook: Part One

    I love the paper you have used on the book.

    It looks like you have built a great relationship!

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  5. Hi! Good thing I found this blog post again. I just wanna say thank you for this very lovely idea. I made a scrapbook as a present for my sister's wedding. It's a collection of their photos from the early months of their relationship until the day before the wedding. She burst into tears when I handed it to her in ballroom (Denver, CO)! It was venue just near our neighborhood in Denver. Wedding receptions I must say, are full of unexpected wonderful dramas. I was glad she and her husband loved it. Again, thanks!


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