Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Will You Be Our Flower Girl?

Well, it's official....we finally have a flower girl!  Allow me to introduce you to the most adorable member of our bridal party, Ella Grace.

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, this is Ella on Halloween last year, dressed up as a cute little chicken.

From earlier this summer.

And from this past weekend with her baby sister.

This weekend all of us girls got together for a girl's night and I finally had the chance to ask my friend if she thought her daughter would like to be our flower girl.  She said sure, but good luck getting her to stand still for any length of time!  But then she thought about it, and said maybe she'd be okay after all, she'll be 3 1/2 by the time our wedding rolls around.  So I had Ella come over by me and asked her if she'd like to be our flower girl, and I'm not sure if she knows what she agreed to or not, but she got a smile on her face and said yes.

I'm very excited for her to be our flowergirl.  Her dad and Mr. T went to school together and have been friends for awhile.  Her mom and I were actually pretty good friends when we were both very young, but since she was a few years older than me we lost touch throughout school.  But about a year and a half ago when I started hanging out with the "Superfriends" we all got to spend more time together, and I got to meet little miss Ella Grace.  So it's nice that we can have our friends' daughter be a part of our wedding day.  Especially since neither of us have little girls in our families, it worked out perfectly.


  1. So fun! Little girls are adorable. My 2nd cousin will be ours and will be 6 at the time. She was in my sister's wedding as a 3 year old and when I asked her she was so excited! All she kept saying was how she wanted to look like a princess on her big day and watching her twirl around trying on FG dresses was the most fun! Yea for you!

  2. She is so cute! I wish we got a flower girl, but don't have little girls in family/close friends' families.

    PS Left you something on my blog!


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