Friday, October 16, 2009

Non Wedding Related: Episode Two

episode one

"Write that down....." "Here's another life skill, add that to the list."

Mr. T thinks its funny all the various things I've picked up along life's journey.  Like my excellent bow making skills, or the fact that I used to make glass beads, or that apparently I can draw well.  So now any time I do something crafty, or introduce to him another side of me, I like to joke with him. 
If we were to write it all down, we'd have a pretty long list!!

But here's another one of my hobbies.  I knit.  And Mr. T's mom just taught me how to crochet this summer as well.

But I've been knitting since I was a little girl when my grandma first taught me.  And by saying I knit, I use that term loosely.  I have an almost finished afghan that I've been working on for about 2 years now.  I kind of tend to go through phases of being interested, and not.  So right now the panels are just waiting to be sewn together, but who knows when I'll get around to that.  I haven't touched it in about a year now.

So anyways, this isn't exactly wedding related, but I do have another DIY project that would be perfect following a wedding....a baby blanket!

I made this blanket last year when my boss's daughter was having a little girl.





I hadn't been introduced to the blogging world back then, so needless to say, there aren't pictures of my steps.  But I just used the pink baby yarn and knitted a simple rectangle to the measurements I wanted.  I can't say how many stitches it is across, or how many rows it is long, but I basically just started knitting, and continued until it was what I thought was an appropriate size.
I used very small needles, probably a size 18 or something along those lines.  It took forever!!!  But I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Then I cut out yellow satin for the back, and attached yellow satin binding around the edges. 

Then I simply ironed on a cute giraffe applique that I bought at Walmart.  I made sure to cover it with a towel when ironing so it didn't melt the yarn.
So there is a cute, simple project that matched with the theme of her nursery.

Honestly, if you know how to knit a row, and sew a straight line on a sewing machine, this project is super easy!!


  1. That is so adorable! I tried to learn how to knit back in elementary school for a girl scouts badge... I failed.

  2. I knit but I'm better at crocheting. I'm looking for ways to incorporate crocheting into my wedding craftiness. A couple ideas so far.

    Very cute blanket!


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