Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guest Post: LauraLou at Lucky In Love

 Today I have a guest post for you from one of my very first blogger friends =]  Laura is literally my twin, not only in our wedding planning process, but in life too! It's so weird.  I'm really hoping to get a chance to meet her sometime in the near future.  She's getting married in about a month, so go follow along with the rest of her progress.

LauraLou at Lucky in Love:

I was SO excited when Kristin asked me if I'd be interested in writing a guest post for her while she was on her honeymoon.  Kristin and I call each other our wedding twin because of all the things we have in common and our similar taste in everything wedding related.  It's been so much fun getting to know her over the last several months.  When we first started talking, we were both finishing up school and in long distance relationships.  Thankfully, we're now both college graduates and living with our fiances/husbands (WEIRD!).

I've loved finding other brides who have similar themed weddings or projects.  It's always exciting to see how their projects turn out - It's like seeing someone accomplish exactly what you envisioned but couldn't ever quite describe.  I've never found anyone else who was quite as similar to me as Kristin.  Don't believe me?


Kristin’s ribbon pomander topiary

 My ribbon pomander topiary

I could go on, but basically, I found someone who is always thinking what I am and shares my personality and taste.  I've loved watching Kristin's planning process and I can't wait to see how all of her projects turned out! (Not just for my sake, but because I know how hard she worked on all of them!)
Kristin, I hope you had the wedding day of your dreams! I'm sure you were an absolutely gorgeous bride and I know I speak for all of your readers when I say I am soo anxious to see your pictures! I'm sure all of your details were beautiful.  Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon - you definitely deserve the rest and relaxation!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Quick Stop In During My Honeymoon (with a pic!)

Hey guys!!
I just wanted to drop in quickly during my honeymoon!! We just got to our second destination.  I know I didn't really share a lot about our plans ahead of time, but that's because we didn't make any!
We literally didn't make any reservations until Sunday night after our wedding.  We headed up to Wisconsin Dells for two nights and then decided it was a little boring because it was during the off season.  So now we just got up to Duluth, MN and we're staying in a hotel RIGHT ON Lake Superior.  It's absolutely gorgeous.  I promise I'll have pictures and details when we get back home.
Tomorrow we're meeting up with someone to look at land for sale =]

BUT, I wanted to share a quick picture with you.  I won't have any pictures from our photographer for a few weeks, and I'm starting to get some in from guests.  If you're on Facebook (Laura!) you might have seen some already.  I did ask her to send me one we took with our parasol so I could get Thank You cards made and I got that this morning.
So here is my favorite picture so far:
See you all again next week!

DIY: Toss Bouquet

I wanted to schedule a few posts for while I was gone that I didn't get a chance to before the wedding.  Did you guys notice I was posting TWICE a day leading up to the wedding?!  Lately you had been lucky to catch me once every two weeks.  I guess all the last minute projects right before the wedding made for a good number of posts.

The Tuesday before the wedding, I realized that I forgot to order a toss bouquet from the florist, and there was no way I was going to toss my gorgeous bouquet.  So while I spent the majority of that day running errands and getting last minute things, I stopped at Hobby Lobby and picked up some flower to throw together a bouquet.

The whole process only took about 10 minutes, the majority of which was spent wrapping the stems with ribbon.

I bought seven white roses at $1.99 each while they were on sale for half price.  So the entire cost of this bouquet was $7.00  I already had the flower tape and ribbon to finish it off.
There's the item number if you're interested.  They're not the nice, silky feeling fake flowers, but they look pretty good for $1.  It will definitely do the job.

Then I took off all of the leaves, the tag, and those weird pointy leaves immediately under the rose.

Then I just gathered them up in a cluster and wrapped the stems with rubber bands.  It only took like 30 seconds to get these arranged.  Since they're all the same flowers, it was easy to get them arranged nicely.

Then I clipped off the stems with a wire cutter to a decent length, and wrapped the length with floral tape, which I don't happen to have a picture of.   Then it was just a matter of wrapped the base with ribbon.  I crisscrossed the black over top to add a little more color and detail to it.
The base is a little bit thinner than I would have liked, but it works absolutely perfectly for its purpose.  And the best part was it only cost $7!

Hopefully I'll get a chance to check in with you guys while I'm gone.  I'd love to see your comments and share some pictures with you!  But if I don't get a chance, I'll be back soon.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Guest Post: Burning River Bride

Okay guys, we're now three days out from my WEDDING!!  Since these posts are predated, I'm not sure if I'd had time to share pictures with you yet or not.  But if I haven't..don't worry, I'm not going anywhere!  There will be LOTS and LOTS of recaps =]

Today's guest post is from Em at Burning River Bride.   She's my date twin =]  And has been one of the few people I regularly converse with on Twitter and occasionally through email.  She's gonna have a pretty awesome wedding make sure to check her blog out!!

Here's what she has to say:
Hello fair readers of Happily After All! Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Emily and I blog over at Burning River Bride. Kristin and I are date twins which means we BOTH got married last Saturday! She asked me to write up a guest post for her this week and I was more than happy to oblige. Just as a disclaimer, I can be really sarcastic and I tend to write how I speak in real life. I'm all for keepin' it real, yo.

So, have you guys seen this show on TLC called Four Weddings? Here is the description from the website:
"Four brides have agreed to attend - and score - each other's weddings. They'll be judging the food, dresses, venues and their overall experiences. The bride whose wedding rates the best wins a fabulous, a five-star honeymoon"
Immediately I thought of myself as the *ideal* candidate for the show. I'm like, REAL good at giving my opinion.  I judge, I can't help it.
So I tuned in because, well, what ELSE do I have going on at 10pm on Friday nights? (The answer is nothing. I kind of have no friends right now. Some one be my friend...please?)
At first, I liked it. Again, I could totally see myself on the show judging weddings. But then, something clicked. I thought of the brides watching the show back and seeing some of the things the other brides said about their weddings. And I promptly felt like poo for every mean/nasty/judgmental/snarky comment I've ever said about another wedding, be it one that I've attended or one that I've seen on a blog/facebook/tv show, etc.
I thought about what it would be like if I could hear ALL the things, good and bad, people have said about my wedding. And then I thought about if other brides could hear all of the things, good and bad, I've said about their weddings. Um, can we say mortifying?
It's one thing to have differing styles/tastes/aesthetics/opinions. How boring would life be if we were all the same? But there is a point where "differing opinions" turns into being just plain nasty. Unfortunately, I think I've been on the nasty side of the aisle one too many times and I'm willing to bet at least one of you reading is guilty of this as well.
Now that I've planned my own wedding, and heard remarks from Negative Nancys here and there, I'm vowing right here and now, to stop being so negative about other weddings. After all, haven't we been told (and told others), "It's *your* wedding, you do what *you* want" time and time again? If we truly mean that, who the hell are we to judge what that decision ends up being?
Please join me in vowing do your part to end the judgmental side of wedding planning. Encourage. Support. Comfort.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Guest Post: Mrs. Beever

Hey guys.  I'm writing this to you 5 days before my wedding.  By the time you read this, it will have come and gone, and I hope it went smoothly and that the day was full of love and laughter.  I wanted to schedule some posts while I was gone for the week, and today I have your first one.

I contacted a few ladies from the blogs that I read regularly and that read mine.  Over the course of the last however many months, these are the girls that I have regularly received positive thoughts from be it in the form of comments, Twitter, Facebook, email, etc.  I still think that it's so neat that I've formed these "online blog friends"  Maybe one day we'll get our act together and meet up!

My first guest post comes from Mrs. Beever over at Thoughts of the All Consumed Bride.  Mrs. Beever just recently got married at a gorgeous venue...a zoo!! And took what is looking to be a gorgeous and fabulous honeymoon in Australia!  Her blog is full of more than just the wedding fluff.  She really touches on what it's going to be like after the wedding is over and the two of you are now husband and wife forever.  She shares her faith and her values and thoughts and I've loved reading everything she's had to say.  Congrats again!!
Here are her words:

Let me start by saying that I am totally humbled and in awe of Kristin and her lovely blog here.  Humbled by the fact that she would allow me an opportunity to write a guest post for her and in awe of the amazing DIY projects and creations she comes up with almost daily.  I could never put together a wedding the way she has.  I know it will be amazing and I am so excited to read her recaps when she returns!
Today, I wanted to share with you a little something I found in my journal back from June 11th, 2004:
Today was Ronald Reagan's funeral.  I watched it on tv and cried a few times...because of the stoicism, his family, the good he did and represented...just because of human emotion basically.  Because while death is necessary, it also makes us realize the precious frailty of love and relationships. 
One of his children spoke of President Reagan's love for his wife, Nancy.  He said that his dad used to say of Nancy:  "I miss her even when she leaves the room."  
Don't we all want a love like that?  True love.  Where you are overwhelmed and consumed by someone and their presence.  I know that I have experienced times in my relationship with my hubby, Mr Fix It, where the thought of him leaving me or passing on would scare me to the point of physical nausea.  I can't imagine not having him in my life.  And I never want to take for granted the precious days and years that we will have together. 
A wedding day should not be a day filled with overly excessive affection and "I love yous," that are not typical of a daily relationship, but rather the acknowledgment that there has been so much affection and care invested between two people, that they are ready to commit to carrying it on for a lifetime.
It saddens me so much that people can't feel humble or comfortable or confident enough to express and give affection and true love regularly.  Today, I pray that we would all remember to thank the one we love for their presence in our lives.  I pray that you would say something sweet like "I miss you even when you leave the room" to your significant other or to your child.  It's so important not to skip over opportunities to give true, passionate love.  The kind of love that I hope Kristin and her now hubby are blessed with and feel for many, many years to come! 

Friday, May 21, 2010

DIY: Cake Stand

Here is the promised follow up to my final cake meeting.
I told you all I had to make a cake stand for my monstrous cake.  The base had to measure 20" across.  So I went out to my dad's shop and found a piece of 3/4" plywood.
All it took was drawing a circle on the wood and then cutting it out with a jigsaw.  My dad AND Mr. T both tried to take over my project multiple times, but I was determined to do it myself.  It only took about 5 minutes to get it done.
I forgot to take a picture of the cut circle, but afterward I covered it in tinfoil for the cake to set on and then wrapped the edge with ribbon to finish it off.
Right now it's just sitting on a tupperware covered in fabric, but it will eventually be resting on something sturdier and still covered.  The bottom tier of the cake is going to come all the way out to the edge, so you're hardly going to see the tinfoil at all.
I'm pretty proud of my project, because it's the first time I've actually used the jigsaw.  Normally I just watch and supervise.

I can't wait to see it in action at the wedding!
Did you guys use any new tools for wedding projects?

Final Cake Meeting

I went out and talked to my "cake lady" the other day.  That's how she signed my card at my shower =]  We finalized the design and cake flavors and got everything together that we would need.

Here was my original inspiration.  This was the sketch I came up with from looking at the picture.
We ended up changing the plans just a little.  Instead of doing ivory tiers, we decided it might look a little dirty, so the cake is going to be solid with with white-on-white designs.  The two skinny tiers are going to be "dummy cakes" so there will only be 4 edible tiers.  The top, of course, will be saved for our one year anniversary.  That one will be white with white filling.  Because I hate chocolate =]

The other three tiers will be the following flavors (I forget which goes where):
Chocolate with fudge filling
White with white filling
Lemon with raspberry mousse filling

I'm excited to taste the lemon one.  I just had a cupcake she made the other night that had the mousse filling and it was delicious!

We're doing solid black grosgrain ribbon for the bases of the tiers.  They're 1", 3/4" and 1/2" widths.  The only problem with this cake is that it's going to be huge! So I had to build a cake stand to go with it, instead of being able to just go buy one.  Look for that DIY post later on today.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

DIY: Direction Signs, Part Two

Remember this sign I made?
I posted about its DIY here.

I finally got a chance to put a couple clear coats on them, so I made Mr. T go out in the shop yesterday and put some legs on it.  He bought 8 ft 2x4s and cut them in half so the signs would be 4 ft tall.  Since the boards have writing on both sides, we needed the legs to be on the sides instead of the center.
Here's what he came up with.
He used a dado blade on our table saw to cut out a groove on each post for the board to slide down into.  (We actually used this same technique for our bed).

And the genius that he is, he figured out how to get it to stand up without having to dig holes for the posts since these are only temporary.  He attached metal stakes to the side of each post, so they can just be driven into the ground.
I'm so excited to see these up in action.  I already bought white latex balloons to tie onto them so they're as noticeable as possible!! None of my wedding guests will be getting lost =]

DIY: Seating Chart

This post will be short and sweet.  I just wanted to share my seating chart with you.  I designed it and had it printed through and picked it up at my closest store.
I stuck it in a frame I already had from Kohl's.  I remembered to pull it off my wall and bring it home from Minnesota specifically for this purpose!  The frame is by Malden, and this week they're 50% off.

I'm really hoping nothing changes between now and Saturday!! I've already had one person tell me they couldn't come after my final number was in..very frustrating!

First Dance Songs

Well we finally made our decision about our first dance, father/daughter, mother/son songs.  Nothing like last minute.  We just finalized it Sunday night while Mr. T's parents were over for my birthday.  We had three different computers going with people looking up songs and listening to them back and forth.

Mr. T and I were wavering between a few different songs but this is the one we decided on.
"Good to Go" by Jason Aldean

I suppose it's not really a typical first dance song, but it's one of our favorite artists and if you listen to the lyrics they're pretty good.

Mr. T had his mom pick out their song because he "couldn't do it."  And so this is what she picked.
"Thanks Again" by Ricky Skaggs

We all sat and listened to this one, and Mr. T and his dad both had tears before it was over.  I can only imagine what it will be like on our wedding day.

And I let my dad pick out his song.  He was so excited about googling songs and listening to them.  He wanted a song that would "make him cry."  It had to pass the cry test before he decided on one.  He ended up picked a pretty popular song, and I was hoping for something a little less overdone, but he got to pick it, and it's the song he wants, so it's what we're going to go with.  And don't get me wrong, it's a good song.
"I Loved Her First" by Heartland

I'm guessing our wedding day is going to be full of lots and lots of tears, and these dances will greatly contribute to that!
Hope this helps any of you that are still trying to pick songs.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Decorating the Church

I went out to the church last night and got it all decorated for Saturday! My mom went with me and we knocked it out in about an hour.  I'm so glad to have this done and over with.  Everything is out there and ready to go.  Then we'll set up the reception on Friday morning.  It's great that I don't have to do any setting up on Saturday morning.

Here's what the fellowship hall looks like.  I'm actually hoping that there won't be any people in this part of the church.  Because if there are, it means that we've run out of room in the church, and these guests will be sitting and listening, but won't actually be able to see any of the ceremony.  This is where the boys will be getting ready, and where we'll all gather to line up for the processional.  I'm sure there will be people wandering through before and after the ceremony though.  Previous to this, there were Easter colored tablecloths on the table.  So I picked up some green ones while I was at Party City looking for balloons.
Oh and by the way...check out this sweet wall...
I'm thinking it would make a perfect spot for some fun photos while we're sitting around waiting for the ceremony to start =]  A little creepy that it's a rolling, carpet wall...but it does happen to be the perfect color!

We laid out some flower arrangements on the front steps and hung up the wreaths.  I grabbed these flower arrangements from the basement at work and added some green bows to them.
We obviously had to pull in the flowers until Saturday, but I wanted to make sure they looked okay there.  And I finally got around to stringing up the letters inside the wreaths with fishing wire.

Then I went and put everything up on the altar.  I originally painted and sewed this as a table runner for our head table.  But now I'm thinking it can do double duty and bring it out to the reception after the ceremony.
I posted about the unity candle here.  The only thing missing is the altar arrangements.  There will be two of them and they'll go on either side of the unity candle.

Then it was on to the pew bows.  You can see the original post here.  I ended up just putting rubber bands around the pews and then folding the wire on the back of the bows down over it.  Super easy!
In that first picture, you can get a glimpse of the banners Mr. T's mom made hanging up.  You can also see the vent in the middle of the aisle.  Today Mr. T cut out a thin sheet of plywood to place over top of it so no one's heel pops through after the aisle runner is down.  We just have to paint it so it blends in a little better.  Now all I have to do is make some reserved signs for the first 4 pews.

We have to find/buy two small tables to place at the end of the aisle on each side to set our bubbles and programs on.
Out in the entrance is a table with our "Quaker Marriage Certificate."  With the last giveaway I hosted, I got a poster to use as well.  I decided to make one of these to use as our "guestbook" of sorts at the ceremony.  It will just be signed by the people that are at our ceremony, as a way to show their support and encouragement of our wedding.
We'll sign it, our pastors will sign it, the maid of honor and best man will sign it, and then all of the guests.  I'm looking forward to keeping this to look back on in the future.  If there are ever any tough times, we can look at this and be reminded of all the people that had faith in our marriage and supported our decision.

And that's about it for the church!! We're keeping it pretty simple because the woodwork and the stained glass is gorgeous enough itself.

DIY: Drink Stirrers

Here's another quick project for'll be a short but sweet post!

They say "Drink and be married!" to go along with the coasters I made to put at the bar.  I bought the stirrers from Walmart.  I found them in the craft section and they're called skinny sticks.  They were 75 to a bag and cost around $2.  Then I just printed out the design onto address labels.  You can't see the back, but they're double sided.  Then I just stuck them around the stick.

Easy peasy! 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DIY: Wine Glasses and Beer Mugs

I don't know if I ever shared this with you...but I bought beer mugs and wine glasses from Dollar Tree awhile back to give to our bridal party, ushers, and parents.  They're both HUGE and really thick, high quality glass.  And they were only $1!

But they were super boring.  So I did a little work on them =]

The wine glasses:
I painted the base and then etched in their names on the top.

The base was really simple.  In this example, I started painting black zebra strips first on the underside of the base.  I just used acrylic paint for this.  Then I painted the green over top of it.  So if you look at the underside, all you see is green.  Then I used a clear acrylic sealer spray that was made to use on glass.  And that's all there was to it!

For the etching I cut out all of the names on vinyl with my Cricut and used the "stencil" that was left when you pulled out the letters.  Here's how it went with the beer mugs.
Make sure to save the insides of letters like O's E's, etc.  You'll need them.
Peel off the backing to expose the stickiness and place the vinyl on the glass.  Fill in those little pieces where they belong.
Then apply the etching cream.  You can buy this at any craft store I believe.  I got mine at Hobby Lobby.
Then wait five minutes and wipe it off.
Peel off the vinyl.
You can see there's still some cream on there.  Just give it a good wipedown and they'll be good to go!

These glasses will be placed at their seats at the reception so they can use them all that night at our open bar =]  I'm hoping it will be a fun surprise when they show up.  Hopefully they'll feel special using their own glasses all night.

Are any of you doing mugs for your wedding party??

Monday, May 17, 2010

DIY: Ribbon Pomander

After I found out that we were going to have a smaller number at the reception than I thought, I decided we would have a designated table of fun for the kids to hang out by throughout the night.  I'm not sitting anyone at it during dinner, but it will be there for after with coloring books, games, toys, etc.  It also needed a centerpiece =]
So I made a cute ribbon pomander...with a bit of a twist.  I had started a tulle pomander and never finished it because I changed my mind three different times for the flower girl.  So I used that and added ribbon to it.  I stuck it on a balloon stick and stuck it into a pail that I also thought would be for the flower girl at one point.  Here's what it looks like:
It's not as full as most ribbon pomanders, but the tulle makes up for the other space.  I really like the way it turned out.  I don't have a tutorial for it, but all you have to do is cut strips of ribbon and loop it.  Then use a straight pin and pin through the ribbon and into the styrofoam ball.  Then repeat MANY times.  Be sure to use lots of different widths, textures, and colors of ribbon.
It's a really easy project, it's just a little time consuming.  I was able to do it with all things that I already had, so there was no cost associated with it.  It was a great way to use up extra ribbon that I didn't have a use for anymore.  And I got to use the failed tulle pomander as well!

What's your favorite project that came about from failed projects or leftover supplies??

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Bachelorette Party

Last weekend, Mr. T and I had a joint bachelor/bachelorette party.  A lot of people gave us grief about having it together, but for us this was the easiest way to do it.  Mr. T has repeatedly said that he didn't want to go to a strip club, and his brothers/bestmen weren't jumping at the gun to get anything put together.

I actually tried to plan him an awesome (in my opinion) weekend getaway but it just didn't get going.  I sent all of his friends and emailing telling them the plans, and they all said it was awesome but some people had to work others had stuff going on...there just wasn't any commitment.  What I was going to have him do was stop on his way home from MN on Friday night at our camper and tell him my mom forgot something that she really needed.  He'd get there and all of his friends would be there and they'd enjoy a weekend of fishing, camping, and lots of drinking.  And it would be a surprise!  I ended up telling him about it after it fell through and he was excited and sad that it didn't happen.

But anyways, back to what actually did go down.  He was just coming home that weekend and that was the only weekend that was going to work.  With this weekend being my birthday weekend and the weekend immediately before the wedding, it wouldn't work to do it now.  So I was already planning on having mine then, so I just added him and all of his friends to it.

Here's what went down.  And just a forewarning...there was a LOT of alcohol consumed on my part, and the night had quite the interesting ending!

I got as many of the girls as I could to go out to Chili's with me for dinner before we went out to the bars.  My bridesmaid and I shared a salad and I didn't even get through it all.  So you know there was a lot of food in my stomach to soak up the booze! We all got some delicious drinks, and I had two yummy margaritas =]
On a sidenote, I had my makeup trial that day, but ended up washing it all off and doing it myself.  More on that later.  I also took two hours to curl my hair =]

I wasn't subjected to any penis paraphernali or anything silly like that.  My sister bought me a cute little necklace that lit up and said bride to be.  She also bought me a sash, but it was weird and metallic-y and sat funny so we left it at home!

After Chili's we went downtown to the bars.  Just to set the scene, we have a downtown street that spans about 6 blocks long.  All along it are bars and they're all within walking distance.  My group of friends usually frequents 3 of them.  So we started at one end and made our way down.
My aunt's ex-husband owns a bar and it has an amazing backroom that you can rent out for parties.  So I got ahold of him ahead of time and he said we could use it for as long as we wanted and not to worry about the charge.  So we met up with all of the guys there and started the night off.
We set up a table and got some beer pong going, and my parents stopped by with a cornhole set that we put up as well.  We probably spent about 2+ hours there doing the majority of our drinking.
Many, many shots occured that night =]
Me and Mr. T  He was such a worrywart later that night when the girls and I wandered to another bar by ourselves.  I've heard from a couple girls that he put them "in charge" of me! Sweet I guess.
Me and my sis!  She's actually only 20 and my other bridesmaid's sister was with and she's only 19 so it made for an interesting night.  We were fine at the first bar because my "uncle" owns it and was there.  But they actually got kicked out of the next bar after about 20 minutes because someone knew them, and then the next bar as well after about 25 minutes.  So they called for an early ride home and we saw them later at my house.
Here's the 19 year other little sis =]
There was a stage.  We did some dancing.  See the girl in the purple twirling me?  Yeah...she was my downfall that night.  It was her sole mission to get me ridiculously drunk that night.  She said she only ever sees me being responsible and curbing my drinking so I can drive people home at the end of the night.  Funny story, last year on my birthday I took her home to my house and took care of her while she was puking! It was only the second time we'd hung out haha..  So needless to say, she was determined.  And she succeeded!
Some of the boys.  This is why I love our friends =]  Check out the sweet wolf shirt.
Little bit of a group shot.  Three of my bridesmaids. Only missing two!  One's from WI and the other was at school in IA so they couldn't make it.  In the back is one of our ushers.
We had a proposal.  I believe his girlfriend was looking on and laughing.
Mr. T and his football buddy from college.  He's one of the groomsmen.
Our flower girl's parents.  And a silly boy.

And that's where my pictures end from the night.  After that all of us girls headed out for the other two bars.  We stopped at the first one and I had a shot with one of my favorite bartenders.  Then we went upstairs for a little bit.  We didn't stay long at all because the two youngins got kicked out.  So then we headed to the next bar.  It was less than a block away.
And then the first disaster of the night happened.  And I SOOOO wish someone had a video camera.  This is where the night gets a little hazy for me.
We were walking along the sidewalk.  I had some sweet heels on that I was determined not to take off even though I had blisters already.   My partner in crime that night said her feet hurt.  So I said jump on...I'll give you a piggyback ride.  So get this visual in your mind.  We're on the corner, getting ready to cross the street...and the next bar is directly across the street.  It's got large windows on the front and side corner.  Little miss bad influence comes FLYING at me and jumps on my back.  Except she way overshot.  She kind of jumped on my neck.  Needless to say that knocked me off balance and we both fell forward flat on our faces into the street.  Supposedly we were just laying there laughing and everyone watched it happen.  We both came out of it without a scratch on us =]

Since I don't have anymore pictures, I'll quickly recap the rest of the night.  In the last bar...troublemaker grabs my hand and pulls me up ONTO THE BAR.  Yup, I danced on a bar.  And apparently there is photographic evidence but I have yet to see it.
Then my mom picked ALL of us up, as in made several trips to get us all.  Because I decided I wanted a bonfire at my house =]
Over the course of the next two hours I managed to fall backwards into our shower curtain, sending the whole thing crashing down.  I fell down an ENTIRE flight of stairs.  My sister said she found me face first on the landing with my feet up the stairs.  Good thing they're carpet!  (once again...not a scratch or bruise)  I took a nap on the front lawn, apparently I had a wardrobe malfunction and yelled at my mom for trying to fix it.  And then I passed out...hard.

And that was my night!  I don't remember anything past falling in the the rest was so wonderfully filled in by my friends who did so by laughing at me.

Anyone have any wonderful drunken stories they'd like to share to deflect the ridiculousness I just shared?!  

Update (by request): Just so you all know...I didn't puke a single time!! And by some weird fate life handed me....I have NEVER had a hangover in my life, or a the next morning I was just fine!! Exhausted, and I took two naps...but I was fine =]  (There ya go Em!)

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