Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DIY: Wine Glasses and Beer Mugs

I don't know if I ever shared this with you...but I bought beer mugs and wine glasses from Dollar Tree awhile back to give to our bridal party, ushers, and parents.  They're both HUGE and really thick, high quality glass.  And they were only $1!

But they were super boring.  So I did a little work on them =]

The wine glasses:
I painted the base and then etched in their names on the top.

The base was really simple.  In this example, I started painting black zebra strips first on the underside of the base.  I just used acrylic paint for this.  Then I painted the green over top of it.  So if you look at the underside, all you see is green.  Then I used a clear acrylic sealer spray that was made to use on glass.  And that's all there was to it!

For the etching I cut out all of the names on vinyl with my Cricut and used the "stencil" that was left when you pulled out the letters.  Here's how it went with the beer mugs.
Make sure to save the insides of letters like O's E's, etc.  You'll need them.
Peel off the backing to expose the stickiness and place the vinyl on the glass.  Fill in those little pieces where they belong.
Then apply the etching cream.  You can buy this at any craft store I believe.  I got mine at Hobby Lobby.
Then wait five minutes and wipe it off.
Peel off the vinyl.
You can see there's still some cream on there.  Just give it a good wipedown and they'll be good to go!

These glasses will be placed at their seats at the reception so they can use them all that night at our open bar =]  I'm hoping it will be a fun surprise when they show up.  Hopefully they'll feel special using their own glasses all night.

Are any of you doing mugs for your wedding party??


  1. I did the exact same thing with the beer glasses for the guys. They turned out very nicely.

  2. I LOVE how you painted the wine glasses. You have some serious DIY talent!!

  3. Ok, seriously...just stop. You are making me feel so inferior with all your amazing craftiness! They look so great. What a fun gift :)

  4. So cool! We're thinking of doing the same thing for our groomsmen as part of their gift. I like the etching better than a medallion on the glass or something like that. I usually just use the rub-off letters that you buy but the vinyl is a GREAT idea!!

  5. These are adorable! You did such a good job with the zebra stripes - impressive!

  6. Wow, those look awesome. The cricut sounds like quite a tool!

  7. that's awesome. i love how you painted the bottoms! and i've got to try etching someday, that's seriously cool!

  8. How fun! As you can see from all my comments today I'm stalking your blog! ha!

    I wanna try this on my cricut.. Where did you get the vinyl to cut out the letters?

  9. @Jenn....I bought the vinyl from Michael's and JoAnn Fabric's. It's just the Cricut brand. It's a little pricey but convenient. I'm going to look at buying some in bulk on Ebay or somewhere online.

  10. Nice glass mugs i love it.
    Really nice.

  11. Try your local sign shops for vinyl.... Mine let's me buy their remnants for a little bit of nothing and you can get all colors!

  12. these are really cool

  13. Omg you have no idea how long it has taken me to find someone who painted on their glass and said what type of paint they used!! But can you tell me exactly which brand you used! Thank you in advance!! :)

  14. Did the paint stay on after washing them?

  15. Hi, I'm an artist who specializes in painting on glass. (See Lynettesadowystudios.etsy.com) The best glass paint to use is Plaid Enamels, which is dishwasher safe in the top rack. Always bake it after painting, and prepare the glass properly. I also like Delta PermEnamels, but they require a special primer and a sealer. I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone might have. email me at lynette@sadowystudios.com


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