Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Bachelorette Party

Last weekend, Mr. T and I had a joint bachelor/bachelorette party.  A lot of people gave us grief about having it together, but for us this was the easiest way to do it.  Mr. T has repeatedly said that he didn't want to go to a strip club, and his brothers/bestmen weren't jumping at the gun to get anything put together.

I actually tried to plan him an awesome (in my opinion) weekend getaway but it just didn't get going.  I sent all of his friends and emailing telling them the plans, and they all said it was awesome but some people had to work others had stuff going on...there just wasn't any commitment.  What I was going to have him do was stop on his way home from MN on Friday night at our camper and tell him my mom forgot something that she really needed.  He'd get there and all of his friends would be there and they'd enjoy a weekend of fishing, camping, and lots of drinking.  And it would be a surprise!  I ended up telling him about it after it fell through and he was excited and sad that it didn't happen.

But anyways, back to what actually did go down.  He was just coming home that weekend and that was the only weekend that was going to work.  With this weekend being my birthday weekend and the weekend immediately before the wedding, it wouldn't work to do it now.  So I was already planning on having mine then, so I just added him and all of his friends to it.

Here's what went down.  And just a forewarning...there was a LOT of alcohol consumed on my part, and the night had quite the interesting ending!

I got as many of the girls as I could to go out to Chili's with me for dinner before we went out to the bars.  My bridesmaid and I shared a salad and I didn't even get through it all.  So you know there was a lot of food in my stomach to soak up the booze! We all got some delicious drinks, and I had two yummy margaritas =]
On a sidenote, I had my makeup trial that day, but ended up washing it all off and doing it myself.  More on that later.  I also took two hours to curl my hair =]

I wasn't subjected to any penis paraphernali or anything silly like that.  My sister bought me a cute little necklace that lit up and said bride to be.  She also bought me a sash, but it was weird and metallic-y and sat funny so we left it at home!

After Chili's we went downtown to the bars.  Just to set the scene, we have a downtown street that spans about 6 blocks long.  All along it are bars and they're all within walking distance.  My group of friends usually frequents 3 of them.  So we started at one end and made our way down.
My aunt's ex-husband owns a bar and it has an amazing backroom that you can rent out for parties.  So I got ahold of him ahead of time and he said we could use it for as long as we wanted and not to worry about the charge.  So we met up with all of the guys there and started the night off.
We set up a table and got some beer pong going, and my parents stopped by with a cornhole set that we put up as well.  We probably spent about 2+ hours there doing the majority of our drinking.
Many, many shots occured that night =]
Me and Mr. T  He was such a worrywart later that night when the girls and I wandered to another bar by ourselves.  I've heard from a couple girls that he put them "in charge" of me! Sweet I guess.
Me and my sis!  She's actually only 20 and my other bridesmaid's sister was with and she's only 19 so it made for an interesting night.  We were fine at the first bar because my "uncle" owns it and was there.  But they actually got kicked out of the next bar after about 20 minutes because someone knew them, and then the next bar as well after about 25 minutes.  So they called for an early ride home and we saw them later at my house.
Here's the 19 year other little sis =]
There was a stage.  We did some dancing.  See the girl in the purple twirling me?  Yeah...she was my downfall that night.  It was her sole mission to get me ridiculously drunk that night.  She said she only ever sees me being responsible and curbing my drinking so I can drive people home at the end of the night.  Funny story, last year on my birthday I took her home to my house and took care of her while she was puking! It was only the second time we'd hung out haha..  So needless to say, she was determined.  And she succeeded!
Some of the boys.  This is why I love our friends =]  Check out the sweet wolf shirt.
Little bit of a group shot.  Three of my bridesmaids. Only missing two!  One's from WI and the other was at school in IA so they couldn't make it.  In the back is one of our ushers.
We had a proposal.  I believe his girlfriend was looking on and laughing.
Mr. T and his football buddy from college.  He's one of the groomsmen.
Our flower girl's parents.  And a silly boy.

And that's where my pictures end from the night.  After that all of us girls headed out for the other two bars.  We stopped at the first one and I had a shot with one of my favorite bartenders.  Then we went upstairs for a little bit.  We didn't stay long at all because the two youngins got kicked out.  So then we headed to the next bar.  It was less than a block away.
And then the first disaster of the night happened.  And I SOOOO wish someone had a video camera.  This is where the night gets a little hazy for me.
We were walking along the sidewalk.  I had some sweet heels on that I was determined not to take off even though I had blisters already.   My partner in crime that night said her feet hurt.  So I said jump on...I'll give you a piggyback ride.  So get this visual in your mind.  We're on the corner, getting ready to cross the street...and the next bar is directly across the street.  It's got large windows on the front and side corner.  Little miss bad influence comes FLYING at me and jumps on my back.  Except she way overshot.  She kind of jumped on my neck.  Needless to say that knocked me off balance and we both fell forward flat on our faces into the street.  Supposedly we were just laying there laughing and everyone watched it happen.  We both came out of it without a scratch on us =]

Since I don't have anymore pictures, I'll quickly recap the rest of the night.  In the last bar...troublemaker grabs my hand and pulls me up ONTO THE BAR.  Yup, I danced on a bar.  And apparently there is photographic evidence but I have yet to see it.
Then my mom picked ALL of us up, as in made several trips to get us all.  Because I decided I wanted a bonfire at my house =]
Over the course of the next two hours I managed to fall backwards into our shower curtain, sending the whole thing crashing down.  I fell down an ENTIRE flight of stairs.  My sister said she found me face first on the landing with my feet up the stairs.  Good thing they're carpet!  (once again...not a scratch or bruise)  I took a nap on the front lawn, apparently I had a wardrobe malfunction and yelled at my mom for trying to fix it.  And then I passed out...hard.

And that was my night!  I don't remember anything past falling in the the rest was so wonderfully filled in by my friends who did so by laughing at me.

Anyone have any wonderful drunken stories they'd like to share to deflect the ridiculousness I just shared?!  

Update (by request): Just so you all know...I didn't puke a single time!! And by some weird fate life handed me....I have NEVER had a hangover in my life, or a the next morning I was just fine!! Exhausted, and I took two naps...but I was fine =]  (There ya go Em!)


  1. You looked so HOTT! It sounds like you had an awesome night w/ your girls and boys. I love that you got ridiculously drunk at your bach party. You never wrote about how you felt the next day, though!

    I do lots of stupid crap when I'm drunk. I really like to climb on things I'm not supposed to. For example, motorcycles parked outside of the bar. Or pianos on a cruise ship. I'm sure you get the idea :)

  2. Wow it looks like you guys had a great night!!!

  3. You looked so gorgeous and your honey is a hottie, too! I can't wait to see those beautiful wedding pics!

    I am not a drinker (way past my youthful drinking days) but I do remember those type of nights and it sounds like you had a fun and memorable bachelorette party so good for you! Bummer about the youngin's getting kicked out of the sister made a reference in her speech at our wedding about how I'd sneak her into bars when we were younger. :) More to come..

  4. Hahaha, I've already said this, but you were such a hott bachelorette!! My friends call me a 'tank' because I'm able to drink an insane amount of alcohol without ever throwing up or having a hangover - Another reason we're twins! :)

  5.'s getting to be a little bit ridiculous how similar we are!


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