Monday, May 24, 2010

Guest Post: Mrs. Beever

Hey guys.  I'm writing this to you 5 days before my wedding.  By the time you read this, it will have come and gone, and I hope it went smoothly and that the day was full of love and laughter.  I wanted to schedule some posts while I was gone for the week, and today I have your first one.

I contacted a few ladies from the blogs that I read regularly and that read mine.  Over the course of the last however many months, these are the girls that I have regularly received positive thoughts from be it in the form of comments, Twitter, Facebook, email, etc.  I still think that it's so neat that I've formed these "online blog friends"  Maybe one day we'll get our act together and meet up!

My first guest post comes from Mrs. Beever over at Thoughts of the All Consumed Bride.  Mrs. Beever just recently got married at a gorgeous venue...a zoo!! And took what is looking to be a gorgeous and fabulous honeymoon in Australia!  Her blog is full of more than just the wedding fluff.  She really touches on what it's going to be like after the wedding is over and the two of you are now husband and wife forever.  She shares her faith and her values and thoughts and I've loved reading everything she's had to say.  Congrats again!!
Here are her words:

Let me start by saying that I am totally humbled and in awe of Kristin and her lovely blog here.  Humbled by the fact that she would allow me an opportunity to write a guest post for her and in awe of the amazing DIY projects and creations she comes up with almost daily.  I could never put together a wedding the way she has.  I know it will be amazing and I am so excited to read her recaps when she returns!
Today, I wanted to share with you a little something I found in my journal back from June 11th, 2004:
Today was Ronald Reagan's funeral.  I watched it on tv and cried a few times...because of the stoicism, his family, the good he did and represented...just because of human emotion basically.  Because while death is necessary, it also makes us realize the precious frailty of love and relationships. 
One of his children spoke of President Reagan's love for his wife, Nancy.  He said that his dad used to say of Nancy:  "I miss her even when she leaves the room."  
Don't we all want a love like that?  True love.  Where you are overwhelmed and consumed by someone and their presence.  I know that I have experienced times in my relationship with my hubby, Mr Fix It, where the thought of him leaving me or passing on would scare me to the point of physical nausea.  I can't imagine not having him in my life.  And I never want to take for granted the precious days and years that we will have together. 
A wedding day should not be a day filled with overly excessive affection and "I love yous," that are not typical of a daily relationship, but rather the acknowledgment that there has been so much affection and care invested between two people, that they are ready to commit to carrying it on for a lifetime.
It saddens me so much that people can't feel humble or comfortable or confident enough to express and give affection and true love regularly.  Today, I pray that we would all remember to thank the one we love for their presence in our lives.  I pray that you would say something sweet like "I miss you even when you leave the room" to your significant other or to your child.  It's so important not to skip over opportunities to give true, passionate love.  The kind of love that I hope Kristin and her now hubby are blessed with and feel for many, many years to come! 


  1. That's very sweet :) Something I hope will continue through my marriage.

  2. I miss Mr B when he walks out of a room! I hope I always feel that way.


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