Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DIY: Drink Stirrers

Here's another quick project for'll be a short but sweet post!

They say "Drink and be married!" to go along with the coasters I made to put at the bar.  I bought the stirrers from Walmart.  I found them in the craft section and they're called skinny sticks.  They were 75 to a bag and cost around $2.  Then I just printed out the design onto address labels.  You can't see the back, but they're double sided.  Then I just stuck them around the stick.

Easy peasy! 


  1. Great idea. And so foolproof I bet even *I* can do it!! LOL ;)

  2. Love them! Such an easy process too!

  3. Your project was featured on Make It Yourself Monday on my blog!

  4. You can buy the drink stirrers online only at and the birch wood drink stirrers are only $7.49 for 1,000. I got shipping and handling for free because I needed more ink cartridges for my printer and they offered free shipping and handling ove $50. So, it was a great price for the drink stirrers since I need to make at least 300 of them AND they arrived via UPS the very next day - they were drop shipped.


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