Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Decorating the Church

I went out to the church last night and got it all decorated for Saturday! My mom went with me and we knocked it out in about an hour.  I'm so glad to have this done and over with.  Everything is out there and ready to go.  Then we'll set up the reception on Friday morning.  It's great that I don't have to do any setting up on Saturday morning.

Here's what the fellowship hall looks like.  I'm actually hoping that there won't be any people in this part of the church.  Because if there are, it means that we've run out of room in the church, and these guests will be sitting and listening, but won't actually be able to see any of the ceremony.  This is where the boys will be getting ready, and where we'll all gather to line up for the processional.  I'm sure there will be people wandering through before and after the ceremony though.  Previous to this, there were Easter colored tablecloths on the table.  So I picked up some green ones while I was at Party City looking for balloons.
Oh and by the way...check out this sweet wall...
I'm thinking it would make a perfect spot for some fun photos while we're sitting around waiting for the ceremony to start =]  A little creepy that it's a rolling, carpet wall...but it does happen to be the perfect color!

We laid out some flower arrangements on the front steps and hung up the wreaths.  I grabbed these flower arrangements from the basement at work and added some green bows to them.
We obviously had to pull in the flowers until Saturday, but I wanted to make sure they looked okay there.  And I finally got around to stringing up the letters inside the wreaths with fishing wire.

Then I went and put everything up on the altar.  I originally painted and sewed this as a table runner for our head table.  But now I'm thinking it can do double duty and bring it out to the reception after the ceremony.
I posted about the unity candle here.  The only thing missing is the altar arrangements.  There will be two of them and they'll go on either side of the unity candle.

Then it was on to the pew bows.  You can see the original post here.  I ended up just putting rubber bands around the pews and then folding the wire on the back of the bows down over it.  Super easy!
In that first picture, you can get a glimpse of the banners Mr. T's mom made hanging up.  You can also see the vent in the middle of the aisle.  Today Mr. T cut out a thin sheet of plywood to place over top of it so no one's heel pops through after the aisle runner is down.  We just have to paint it so it blends in a little better.  Now all I have to do is make some reserved signs for the first 4 pews.

We have to find/buy two small tables to place at the end of the aisle on each side to set our bubbles and programs on.
Out in the entrance is a table with our "Quaker Marriage Certificate."  With the last giveaway I hosted, I got a poster to use as well.  I decided to make one of these to use as our "guestbook" of sorts at the ceremony.  It will just be signed by the people that are at our ceremony, as a way to show their support and encouragement of our wedding.
We'll sign it, our pastors will sign it, the maid of honor and best man will sign it, and then all of the guests.  I'm looking forward to keeping this to look back on in the future.  If there are ever any tough times, we can look at this and be reminded of all the people that had faith in our marriage and supported our decision.

And that's about it for the church!! We're keeping it pretty simple because the woodwork and the stained glass is gorgeous enough itself.


  1. That's so great that you were able to get so much done ahead of time! Everything looks wonderful.

  2. everything seems to be coming together! How exciting!!!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. are ahead of the game and doing great. The church looks wonderful. I can see all of your projects finally finding their place for your big day. Pretty exciting!

  5. Yay! This just got me so excited for you... I just can't wait to see everything! :)

  6. Love the wreaths with the letter inside! And the banner is pretty too :)

  7. I think you and your Mom did a good job in preparing the church for your wedding! And the color green is just beautiful. Aside from reminding me of lush greenery, it also makes me think of a bountiful and blessed life. :) Anyway, decorating the church itself probably wasn’t that hard, especially with those beautiful wood church pews. But I hope you added green accents on them as well, because green against brown would make for a beautiful contrast. How’s married life so far?


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