Monday, April 5, 2010

I actually have something worth sharing!

Hey all...remember me??
Sorry I've been gone for so long, but there really hasn't been much to post.  I'm still in the middle of a million and one projects, so I'll wait until they're finished to share.
I did mail out the invitations about a week ago, so look forward to hearing about those shortly!
But in the meantime, I do have a project I want to share with you that I didn't have anything to do with.  It's kind of hard to imagine because I've had such tight reins on everything wedding related, but this one was out of my hands.  All I saw was the finished product.
Mr. T's mom took on the task of making banners to hang in the church for the ceremony.  She had made some previously for all the boys' confirmations, but those were just out of felt and very simple.  This time she went above and beyond.  She ordered a pattern off the internet, bought all of the fabric, heat'n'bond, adhesive, etc. and went to town.  I think she finished these in about a week once she got started on them.  She picked the pattern, I okayed it, and she went for it.
Here are the results. 
They look amazing and I can't wait to see them hanging in the church.  She also had a great idea to put a "patch" of sorts on the back of one banner with our names, date, and the church.  Then we'll share them with all of our siblings, cousins, etc that would like to use them and add a patch for each couple.  I think it's a great idea and can't wait to be the first!
It's kind of nice to let go of the reins from time to time when you're surprised with awesome results like these!  I just need to remember as it gets closer and closer, that I don't have to do EVERYTHING by myself.


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