Monday, April 26, 2010

A Bridal Shower For My Bridesmaid

A couple of weekends ago I headed to Wisconsin for my bridesmaid's bridal shower and her bachelorette party later that night.  It was also the weekend opener of our camping season, so it made for a great time!

I didn't really have anything to do with this shower, but my mom and I got pulled in for backup to help setup and get everything put together.
Her shower was on Saturday afternoon.  Friday when we got into town, we headed over to the church with her cousin and aunts to start doing some preliminary stuff.

We spent a couple hours on Friday dipping strawberries in chocolate and white chocolate to make centerpieces that the host Amanda and her mom came up with.

Once they were finished they sat in the fridge overnight and were put out the following morning.  Amanda had previously thrown a shower that was red and black in theme, so most of the decorations were reused from that.  All of the tables got one of these cute centerpieces.

She put together pretty gifts for the winners of the games.  They're all so coordinating and cute!  I even managed to win one during the crossword puzzle game.  It was a cute glass block with a love saying on it.

All of the aunts and the bride's mom were responsible for bringing different foods for the shower.  We ended up with a huge spread of food that was absolutely delicious!
 They're hard to see, but I made little tents for all of the foods from some of the extra little bags Amanda had left over.

I forgot to take a picture, but to the right of all the presents, there was a dessert table full of goodies.  They even did an ice cream buffet after cake was cut.  Yum!

I just realized I never got a picture with Bri at her shower, but here's my favorite one from the day.
This picture is full of so many girls that I love.  My sister/maid of honor is to the far right in the turquoise.  My bridesmaid Britt, that I've known from the day she was born, is 2nd in from the left.  To the far left is her sister; my sister's best friend.  And to my right, is Britt's cousin Amie who I've known forever and lives here in Minneapolis, so that's one person I know up here!
(p.s. that cute black dress I have on, I bought at Walmart the day before for $12.  It's so comfy!)

Later that night they had their joint bachelor/bachelorette party.  They rented a bus to drive us all around for 5 hours to all of the bars around the area.  All of their aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends were there.  So it was basically all of the people that we go camping with every summer.  It was a blast!
 Me, the bride to be, and Britt

A shot of the bus we quickly decorated before it picked everyone up.

 And the majority of the rest of the pictures are full of drunken debauchery.  It was a great night, we all got drunk with our parents, and no one had to drive home!

And I just had to share...
This little horse and carriage was in the parking lot of the Walmart I stopped in.  And it's not the first time I've seen one there!

Are any of you contemplating a joint bachelor/bachelorette party? Or did you already have one?

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  1. Awesome shower!!! I love the centerpieces. I might steal that idea haha


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