Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Invitation Unveiling

Okay's finally time for me to share my invitations with you!!
I have probably put a combined 100+ hours into these things.  And I'm not kidding when I tell you that.
I made all of the invitations and pocketfolds from scratch, printed out all of the inserts and individually cut them out, hand addressed all of the envelopes, lined the majority of the invites, and designed and redesigned the layout.
But enough whining about that.  Here's what I know you guys want to see.

First a little of the process?
Building of the envelopes.
Inserts printed 4 to a page.
A small amount of the overall mess I've made over the last two months.
100+ invitations times 5 inserts = a whole lot of cutting!
Stacks of finished invites.  I got so sick of these that I went through the whole process 5 different times.

But now for the details =]
I forgot to take pictures before sending them out, and at the moment I don't have one to keep (but don't worry I still have more to make so I'll be making an extra for myself) so these pictures come from an invitation that got sent back to me.  I noticed that some of the ink smeared from the processing.  I know they didn't all turn out like that though, because I've seen some that other people got.

I'll show you my inspiration pictures that influenced my invites.

Inside layout:
RSVP card and other inserts:
I used the "fauxligraphy" method of printing out the addresses in a very light grey ink, and then tracing over with an ink pen.  It took forever, but I love the way they turned out!

And I just wanted to give you guys a close up of my RSVP cards and the back in case any of you need help with layouts and wording.
I made sure to indicate how many people were invited, because we're inviting a lot of single people and not allowing them to bring a guest, so I wanted it to be clear to the guest how many were invited.  It's helped a lot.  So far we haven't had anyone try and return an RSVP for more than they were allowed.
For the most part, people have been putting their names on the line following the "M"  The only times they didn't, they wrote out their full names on the back so it worked out fine.
At the bottom it says See reverse for entree choices.
For the people that said yes, I had them put down their names and what they wanted to eat.  If anyone left this blank, I decided that they were getting chicken (because it's cheaper!)

Well that's it! I suppose it's fitting that the post is super long, since they took me super long to make.  Coming up next is a budget breakdown so you (and I) can find out if I saved any money doing this myself.


  1. beautiful invite set! and i love that envelope liner you used, very cool :)

  2. They look GREAT, girl! As if they would look anything less than great, lol. You're so creative and I'm jealous :) I really like the way you did your rsvp card w/ the meal choices on the back. Wish I had thought of that. I bet your guests loved them!!

  3. Those look great! And what a good idea for the RSVP card! I may have to borrow that one, as we are also inviting some singles to our wedding, and may not have room for them to invite a guest.

  4. They look Great! I love the paisley on the lining and filling in the # of reserved seats to remove all doubt... genius. I might steal that.

  5. Wow! I can't believe that you made everything from scratch! It looks amazing! Great job on this! :)


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