Saturday, April 24, 2010

An Update On My Weight Loss

Since I'm living here in MN and none of my friends and family from back home have seen me lately, I feel like I need to brag about my weight loss you guys are the lucky ones!

I told you a few different times about what I was trying to do, and it's finally paying off.  To date I've lost 25 pounds, and I'm planning on losing about 5 to 10 more by the wedding and hopefully 15 total by the time summer kicks into gear.  I even bought two new bathing suits that I can't wait to wear!

Want to see the results?
Here's an icky picture from December when I topped out, heaviest of my life, and was totally fed up and needed a change.  It took me about 2 more months after this before I kicked my butt in gear.
See the puffiness in my face?  And that cardigan...I have it in grey also and I used to wear those almost every day because it covered everything up because all of my jeans were too tight.

I think this picture was about 10 pounds in.  I'm back into some of my older jeans, but my face is still not so pleasant and defined.

This was just last weekend.  I'm so glad to see my face getting back to normal, and now I'm actually getting excited for all of the wedding pictures we'll be taking! I definitely don't want to look back on puffy face pictures for the rest of my life.

And just one last picture...this one's from yesterday.
I have a confession to make...
I've kind of been checking myself out lately. haha.  I feel like I'm still surprised every time I look in the mirror.

But I supposed that's enough bragging...I just needed to share with someone.  The best part of all this, is getting back into my old wardrobe.  I fit back into like $300 worth of Express jeans.  I have a ton of tops that I finally feel comfortable putting on again.

Do any of you have tips and tricks for losing those last 5-10 pounds? Or any favorite healthy recipes to share?


  1. Woooo girlie you look amazing! So happy for you, keep up the good work :)

  2. You look awesome!! I noticed how defined your face looked in that same picture when I saw it on facebook!! And I'm trying to lose my last 10 pounds too, so I want to hear everyone's suggestions!

  3. Wow - congratulations! That is awesome, and you look great! I'd be checking myself out too if I were you :)


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