Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Non New Year's Resolution

In the matter of full disclosure...and because I love you all...I have something to share with you.

I currently weigh about 10 pounds more than when I tried on and ordered my wedding dress.  And it was a sample in the store I tried on, and I ordered the exact same size, which means the one I tried on is probably a little bit stretched out.  Which means I'm probably around 15 pounds from fitting into my dress.  And I was hoping to drop another 10 past the 20 from last spring, so I've got some work to do.

Two things.

One: it has a corset back, so anything after 8 and I'll probably be fine.
Two:  I've known this, and have been planning on fixing this problem and purposely putting it off until now.

Here's how it happened.  Last spring I dropped 20 pounds (all the stupid college weight!) and then ordered my gorgeous dress.  But I did it by simply cutting back on my calories, and didn't step foot in a gym one single time.  So then this summer rolled around and I moved up to MN and spent weekend after weekend camping and drinking and eating entirely too much.  And then it was fall and I was back at school, and more or less slightly depressed from being away from Mr. T and at a school I didn't like all that much.  So it all just kind of came back.

I've known all along that when I got up here and the holidays were done and I was all settled in that I would start eating healthy again, and actually go to the gym and work out this time.  It just so happens that it coincides with the New Year.  But I'm not at all labeling this as a "New Year's Resolution."  Because for me they are totally pointless, and I don't make it past a week or two anyways.

So now I'm starting a journey to get back to where I feel good physically, and mentally, because I'm pretty much at my breaking point right now.  It's a little bit for the wedding, and mostly for me.

Mr. T has keys to the football weight room for Concordia University, so I made him take me to work out today and he kicked my ass.  In a good way.  I'm going to be so sore tomorrow, but I love that I'm finally getting my body moving again and lifting weights.  That used to be my favorite part of cheerleading and soccer in high school.
So we decided that I would come over to his work everyday and he'd take an hour break or so and we'd go and work out.  I'm excited!!

I know it's only kind of wedding related, but I'm going to follow this up with a starting point of my weight and measurements, not holding anything back.  I'll check back in about this every few weeks and let you know how many days I worked out, what I've been losing, etc.  That way you guys can yell at me if I start slacking off.

Are any of you working on losing weight or getting back into shape for your wedding?  Did you make any New Year's Resolutions this year?


  1. Ryan kicked my butt in the weight room yesterday, in a good way!

    That's great that you're looking to work your way back to a healthy lifestyle! I really need to get back on to the bandwagon too!

  2. I agree that resolutions are not a good way of wording the goals we set for ourselves. I think it's great you recognize you have something to work towards to get you to where you're feeling fab about yourself. I am on the opposite end and need to *gain* 15 lbs before the wedding. But I have struggled to gain weight my entire life and so I will be shocked if it happens. But I know I need to be more motivated to work out and eat more. Here's hoping we both get disciplined and stay with it!

  3. I am! Mainly for me and my self confidence, but also for the wedding (and the boudoir shoot in March that I'm scheduling next week). I also purposely waited until now, and I'm much more motivated now that we only have just over 5 months left. I will definitely be kicking my butt into shape as soon as I get back to school.

  4. You can do it! I need to get back to working out again too..all the holiday eating is starting to take its toll!


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