Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bridesmaids' Gifts

I think this post is safe in writing, since I actually don't have anyone following me that I know, including all of my girls.  For some reason I just haven't shared this blog with any of my friends and family.  Mr. T knows I write and he checks it occasionally, and I've showed my mom a post or two, but that's the extent.

So since I don't have to worry about any nosy girls, I'll show you what I've got going so far for them.

I made them bracelets that match the dress with beads, wire, and toggle clasps from Hobby Lobby.

Here is the necklace I bought for them all from Gordman's that I told you about previously.

You saw the totes I made, that still need a handle to finish them off.  I'll probably get that done when I'm back in IL for the next two weeks.

And the clutches I threw together with Mrs. Peep Toe's tutorial.

I also found these green shirts that match on sale for $2 each this summer at Joann's.  I'm going to have them screenprinted or embroidered for them to wear to a shower or some sort of wedding event.

These pedicure sets were in the $1 bin at Target and I had to grab 5 of them.  I'm a sucker for things in my wedding colors!

These aren't as much as gift, as an accessory to their bouquets.  I'm going to put their initial or a picture of the two of us in this little bead frame and string it around their handle.  I found this at Joann's for a dollar or two.

I threw together this little cosmetic bag that I'm thinking would be a cute little addition to the tote for the day of the wedding.  I'm going to have excess of this green material from my table squares so I think I'll make these for the girls as well.  I just made this with what was laying around the house.  For the girls' I want to use a black zipper, and possibly include a black trim/bow across the front.  I'll be sure to show you how they turn out.

That's all I've got going on so far.  Since I've been making most of it myself, and buying cheaply along the way I haven't racked up too high of a bill yet.  I'm sitting around $30 a girl which isn't bad at all.  Since there is a nice variety and amount, I'll be able to give them a little thing or two at my showers and then put together a nice gift to give them at the rehearsal dinner.  I'm also hoping to treat them all to go get a pedicure with me right before the wedding, and that should do it.

What are you doing for your girls?  Have you noticed yourself going a little overboard?


  1. Wow, what a thoughtful gift bag for your girls!

  2. The bouquet accessory frames you found are a great idea!

    Here's an idea for your tshirts: I think we are going to have simple t-shirts for my bridesmaids that say Team Kristin on the front and then on the back a 10 or something. Then Team Joe for his guys. My girls can wear them while we are setting stuff up and his guys can wear them just hanging out the day of.

    Cute ideas!

  3. I love everything! I too (surprise, surprise!) was planning on making my girls' bracelets. I hope they turn out as cute at yours did!

  4. You are so talented! I love everything.

  5. Holy moly that's a lot for a great price! And I love that you did so much yourself and the bracelet and necklaces are adorable! I also had necklaces custom designed in my colors for my girls' gifts but I didn't do them myself. Then I threw in a little parasol for photo ops and a satin jewelry roll for traveling purposes. I was thinking of throwing in the little manicure sets as well possibly. Nice job!

  6. I really like your choice of items that you got for your girls. I'm thinking about doing the t-shirt thing too :)

  7. I love everything!! I often find myself starting to go overboard. My mom likes to remind me that I'm not made of money & the girl's aren't expecting it.

  8. WOW you are so creative!! Teach me? I love everything! :)

  9. I made my girls similar bracelets. And yes, I definitely find myself going overboard - I want to get them so much!

  10. You are so amazing!!! I thought I was good by making my own thank you notes and save the dates!!! You rock girl! Your bridesmaids are so so lucky!!! God Bless and Keep up the great work!


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