Friday, September 25, 2009

DIY: Bridesmaid Clutch

Here are the clutches I've been hinting at!

I wanted to give my girls something they could carry on the wedding day to put all of their stuff in.  I promise I'm not being a bridezilla and being anal about what they carry or how they match, I just thought they would be really cute, and it gave me something to do this summer.

I came across Mrs. Peep Toe's tutorial on Weddingbee one day, and bookmarked it knowing I would be making them.  I followed her tutorial exactly, but I'll show you my pictures of the steps.

Fabric you will need:
A thicker material if possible for the outside
Something somewhat durable for the inside
Iron on interfacing (I used a pretty thick one)

Step-by-step instructions:
1.  Cut the inside and outside material into 11X18" rectangles..

2. With right sides together, sew along the two long sides and one of the short ends with a 1/4" seam.
3. Cut two pieces of interfacing to the same size, and iron one on each side. (The material is still inside out)
I sewed it to both sides because I wanted a thicker, sturdier clutch.  Depending on your material, and the end result you'd like, you can iron it on to one side, in which case it should be the outside material.
4. Measure about 1/3 of the way down both long sides and make a mark.  Then measure in 2-2.5" at the top.  Connect these lines, and sew along it.

The farther you come in at the top, the more of a sharp flap you will have.
5.  Trim off those corner pieces, turn it right side out, and iron.

6.  At this point I also ironed where it would fold.  So fold the flap down where the angled edge ends.  Then fold the bottom up to meet it.
7.  Turn in the edges of the open flap, iron, and sew shut.

(Iron under)

(Pin shut)

(Sew across)
8.  Turn the bottom inside out, and sew together the two side seams.

9. Turn it back rightside out, and attach your closure.  I'm using a snap instead of a magnetic like Mrs. Peep Toe, because the ones I saw were super expensive!

(Attached to outside of bottom)

(Attached to inside of top)

And here is the finished product with the addition of the cute felt flower I made last week.

Price Breakdown:
The green material is left over from the ring bearer's project, but originally cost $6.00
Black Lining Material = $6.28
Interfacing (5 yards @ 1.79) = $8.95
Snaps (2 packages @ 1.49) = $2.98
Total = $18.21 for 6
Price per clutch = $3.04, not including the flower


  1. If you get bored again and need something to do let me know... I have the fabrics for this but just can't get the energy to do them. I will gladly send the project your way! :)

    They turned out so cute!

  2. Mojito- I promise they don't take long at all!!! Maybe ten minutes per clutch?? It's simple straight line sewing! I've got lots of projects up my sleeve, but when it slows down, if you really want help I can totally do it for you!! If I were you though, I'd sew them instead of paying for shipping!

  3. WOW, aren't those SUPER cute! Great job!!


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