Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Current Labor of Love

I always love coming home from school for the weekend because I get to work on fun projects!! My sewing machine is here along with a lot of other things I don't feel like hauling back and forth to school. 

So of course, last night I was up late working on a little something for Mr. T

(This would be your cue to scoot love!!)

This is a project I started working on a few months ago and then never got around to finishing.  I think it will be the perfect gift to give to him for our one year anniversary coming up in November.  That is, if I can keep it a secret long enough.  I'm sure I'll want to tell him or show him as soon as it is done.

I can't show you what it is yet, because a.) it's not done, and b.) I can't upload any pictures to the computer while I'm at home.

But I will give you a little teaser as to what I'm making....

It involves about 20 of these....
Lots of time at one of these....
And incorporates this!
So there ya go....I'm sure you've probably figured out what I'm working on, but I'm going to wait to clue you in until it's all finished!!
Do any of you find it hard to keep a secret from your guy when you have a really good gift??!

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