Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DIY: Felt Flowers

Here's another project for you....or part of one anyways!

Inspiration photo:
(For some reason I can't find the link to this if you know whose it is please let me know!)
I'm not entirely sure what I'll use these for, but felt was on sale at Hobby Lobby this week and I needed a project to work on =]
So here's how to do it.
Make up a template for your felt flowers.  I found some flower shapes by googling "flower template" and resized them accordingly.  For the following flower I used the two flowers from the first picture, and the larger flower from the second picture.  I cut out the picture and then used it as a pattern for the felt.
As you can see, the black is the largest, and the white is smaller but the same shape.  And then I cut out the smaller black piece.
Then I used embroidery floss to stitch around the outside of the big black flower.
I honestly didn't know what this stitch was called, or really how to explain it, I just drew on one of my many previous hobbies (yes I used to cross-stitch when I was younger!). 
But with a little googling I found it for you!! It's called a blanket stitch, and you can follow this tutorial if you need directions.
Then I used black floss to attach the white flower.
This just required a simple running stitch, following the edge of the white flower. (Directions here)
And then it was just a matter of attaching the smaller black flower to the top.
For this I just started in the center and worked out.  I made a longer stitch out into each petal, and a shorter stitch to where the petals meet.
And there it is!  It was a little time consuming, but I sat in bed with the Disney channel on (don't bother saying anything, I know...) and relaxed while skyping my love (I can't help but laugh at roommate keeps trying to make it into a dirty joke..."I'm gonna skype you")!  Talk about multi-tasking.
I'm really not sure what I'm going to do with it.  I started this project initially thinking it could dress up the clutches I made the girls (more on these later).  But I think it might be a little big, so I'll make a smaller version for the bags, and maybe use this one to top the ring bearer's pillow (more on this too I promise!).
What sort of flower alternatives are you incorporating into your wedding??

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