Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saving Our Seats

I was sitting here today after classes thinking about what small project I could take on for the afternoon.  You know, instead of doing homework or studying or any other number of things I should be doing.  It's really probably not the best idea to be planning a wedding during my last semester of classes, but oh well!

So I decided now would be a great time to throw together some cute "Mr." and "Mrs." signs for the backs of our chairs at the reception.  Totally not necessary, (everyone knows where the bride and groom sit) but super cute!   I've got tons of paper and stuff here at school with my scrapbooking supplies, so why not?  You can never say no to a quick, free project.

So I started searching the internet for inspiration to find out exactly what I'd like to do.  Here are some of the winners:
And then I saw these next two beauties from Etsy seller thebackporchshoppe and decided this is what I'm going to do.
Both sets cost $29.95 and then you have to add on the $5.00 for shipping and that's way more than I would ever think to spend on seat signs.
But I really like that these are made out of wood, because then I can hang them up in our bedroom after the wedding on each side of the bed.  We would go with the Mr. and Mrs. set because Mr. T has told me before that after the vows I'm not his bride anymore, but his wife(!) or Mrs.
So, I'm going to make these.  We have soooo much scrap wood in my dad's shop that I can easily find some and cut them to size.  I've also used crackle paint like this before that I bought from Walmart and it worked wonderfully.  Then all I will need to do is paint on the words, which won't be a problem with my previous experience.
So next time I'm home for the weekend I'm going to crank a couple of these out and we'll be set!  I'll be sure to show you how they turn out.
Are any of you adding cute, maybe unnecessary, decorations to your reception??


  1. I am total wedding junky and I just love your blog! I can't wait to read more!

  2. I'm loving these ideas!! I'm sure you could DIY something just as fabulous!

  3. Love those! I can't wait to see how your's turn out. I totally know what you mean about finding wedding projects to do instead of studying or doing homework - Ahh, senioritis and wedding planning aren't a good mix.


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