Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update on the Bridesmaids Dresses

I few weeks ago I first clued you in to what my girls will be wearing on the day of my wedding.  And remember the great deal I got on jewelry to go with it??

Well while I was home the other weekend I put on a dress and the necklace to see how they went together.  I also added a "mock" sash from some black satin I had laying around the sewing room.  Here's how it turned out...
I forgot to take a close up of the necklace, but I think it goes perfectly with the dress!! I really like how it is the same green color, since the top of the dress is white.
As for the sash, this gave me an idea of where we're going.  I like that it's black, and I also like where it sits, right where the green and the white meet.
But here's where the questions come in.  How thick should it be?  Should it have a bow, or not?  If so, where does the bow sit?  Etc, etc...
I came up with a couple of different options while looking around online.
This sash is from David's Bridal, and costs $15.00.  Could be cute.
This ruched satin sash is also from David's Bridal and costs $20.00
While I like both of these as options, if I went this route, I would make them instead of buying them to save on money.
Another option I found came from, of course, Weddingbee.  Mrs. Mary Jane posted about the sash she made and I'm starting to think it just might be perfect for what we need.
She just used a wide satin ribbon and added some beads to the end of it, and there ya go!
I think it might be pretty perfect for the dresses, in black, with or without the beads.  We'll have to see...!
Are any of you dressing up your girls' dresses??  If so, what are you doing to make them even more awesome?

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