Thursday, September 10, 2009

DIY: Save the Date Postcards

Well.... they're done!!!  I posted a few weeks ago about the dilemma I had designing my postcards.  And after getting input from some of you and the lovely ladies over at Weddingbee...I finalized the layout.  Back on August 28th I ordered my postcards from Vistaprint.  I chose the slow order option (21 days) because it was the cheapest. 

They came in the mail this week!! Only 10 days after I ordered them =]

Here's how they turned out:

Here's the first pile of 100.

Here's a closer view of the front.

And here's the back!

I added in "Hope to see you there! -Josh and Kristin" to the space on the back of all 200 to make it a little more personalized.  Then I went through and addressed all 130 of them!  Now they just need stamps and they will be on their way out.

I am absolutely thrilled with the way they turned out.  The picture quality is wonderful, and the front is glossy.  They're much better than I could have printed myself.  And a whole lot less work.  I would highly recommend using Vistaprint for any of your projects.

I'm still considering this project DIY because I designed it myself, and then simply uploaded it and had them printed.  So really.... I did all the hard work!

I got 200 postcards for $30.00  I came in $20 under the budget I allotted for my Save the Dates.


  1. cute! I wanted to do this but alas I did not. Nice job!

  2. You are very creative! I was just blog browsing and happened upon yours...

    Do you still happen to have that email that allows you to get the free postcards and uploads? If you do - could you please forward to me at I'd love to make some postcards for an upcoming baby shower invite! :-)


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