Friday, September 18, 2009

Concordia Hosts Winona State

This Saturday, at 6:00 PM the Concordia St. Paul Golden Bears will host Winona State at the inaugural game of their brand new Seafoam Stadium.

Why am I telling you this??

Because I'm going to be there!! I get to see Mr. T this weekend =]  It's been over a month since we said our goodbyes, and tomorrow I get to see him!! 

Mr. T's mom and I will be making the drive up to Minnesota tomorrow after she gets home from work.  Mr. T's dad and brother have a fishing tournament all weekend so we're making the trek ourselves.

I can't wait to get there and give him a big ol' smooch!

Have any of you had to deal with the long distance thing?? Don't you agree that it totally sucks?!


  1. Ahh, YES! It does totally suck. It's been a week since I've seen the FI and it'll be another 2 before I see him again. Although I shouldn't complain - it was going to be a month, so 3 weeks is better than 4!

  2. Have fun! When M and I first starting dating we were long distance, such a bummer-but it's so wonderful when you get to see each other!


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