Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wedding Wreaths...

.....what do you think of them?? Love them, hate them, couldn't care less about them?

Usually when I think wreath (not that I think about them all the time or anything, or hardly ever before this wedding!), Christmas always comes to mind.  Growing up we never really had decorative wreaths anywhere, they always just made their appearance during the holiday season.  So I'm not entirely sure what my opinion is of them for a wedding.  But I have come across some very cute pictures post-engagement that are starting to push me towards using them.
There are so many different options.  Do I go with the tried and true, circular floral wreath?? Or do I create the cute initial that so many have done lately??  Or would a mix of both suit me better? And if I go with the initial, do I cover it in flowers or moss??
So many options, and I'm really not leaning one way or another.  I guess it's a good thing that I have plenty of time to figure it out.
We have a set of double doors to the front of the church so I really want to hang either two wreaths or a "K" and a "J" for our initials.  I think if I did floral wreaths though I would want them to be real, which probably isn't in our floral budget.  If I went the other way instead, and DIYed initials I could probably do it at a pretty minimal cost.
Lots to think about!!
Are any of you doing wreaths or initials to decorate your church doors and reception??

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