Saturday, September 26, 2009

DIY: Table Numbers, Part One

Obviously if I'm going to assign my guests to tables, I'm going to need to number those tables so they know where to sit, right?  Duh, we all know that.  So onto the tutorial then.

1.  Cut out squares that measure 6x6" (This way you can get 4 out of a 12x12" paper)

2. Cut out white squares measuring 3.5x3.5" and black squares that are 4x4".  Attach the white square on top of the black square.

3.  Cut out black rectangles that measure 1.5x5.5"

4.  Make a template so that you make white rectangles measuring 1.25x5.25" with each table number centered on it in the font of your choice (I used Scriptina).  Cut them all out.

5.  Attach the numbers to the black rectangle.

6.  Attach the matted number to the top of the large square.

7.  Center the black and white square under it.

8.  Use a 3x3" square as a template for the next step.  Place a black photo corner on each corner.

9.  Center this on the white square.

10.  Then remove the template and it will be ready to accept a 3x3" photo.

For every table number (1-30) I made two of these, so they would be visible from both sides.

I'll show you what I'm planning on doing with these in part 2!

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