Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DIY: Pew Bows

       Last month I showed all of you where we are having our ceremony at.  What I may or may not have told you about, was our pew bows. 

       Here is the aisle I will be walking down.  We'll have an aisle runner down (more on that later) but I wanted to give the pews a little extra something so it really looks like a wedding.  Not that you could mistake a bride standing at the altar as anything else, but hey...what's a couple more projects!
Here are the pews themselves.  How gorgeous is the woodwork?!
       While I originally thought about doing flowers and galvanized buckets, or a bajillion other things that were way outside of our budget, I decided to go the tried and true route of pew bows.
       But knowing me, as you're getting to I'm sure, I couldn't just go out and buy them.  Why spend lots of money on something I'm perfectly capable of making myself.  Ask my boss... she says that after five years of working at her gift store I have become the best bow maker ever, and I really should think about adding"Bow Making 101" to my resume!! But that's a totally different story.
       So, back in May I ordered up two bolts of white tulle and a couple spools of white ribbon from one of her vendors, and because she is awesome and loves me, I got it at her price.
A couple days later the supplies came in and I eventually got around to making my bows.  Who am I kidding, I'm pretty sure I sat down that same day it all arrived and pumped out about 20 bows.  It was my first wedding related craft and I was excited!  Can you blame me?
       Then I proceeded to bag them and hang them in my closet and haven't looked at them since.
       But now that I'm here and sharing my projects with you, I figured I should probably go back and take some pictures.
Here they are hanging on the hangers....
And here is what one looks like up close.
       I don't have a tutorial for you now, because I really wasn't actively blogging at the time, so it didn't even cross my mind to take pictures of the process..  But I will probably need to make a few more, so I'll definitely take pictures and make up some directions to share.
I paid $63 for two bolts of tulle and two spools of ribbon.  Right now that breaks down to $3.15 per bow (if I stopped at 20).  But I haven't even touched the second bolt of tulle or the second spool of ribbon, and I still have some tulle left from the first bolt.  So I could probably make about 60 bows if I wanted to which would come out to a little over $1.00 per bow.
I don't plan on making that many bows, but I do have another use for the tulle that I'll tell you about later.

How do you plan on dressing up your aisle??

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  1. Hello! I would love to see a tutorial for how to make those bows!! When do you think one will be up?


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