Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Venues, Part One: The Church

Where we would have our wedding was a no brainer for Mr. T and I.  It was going to be in a church, no doubt about that.  And there was also no question that it would be in the adorable, old, country-farm church that Mr. T's family has been going to for years, Trinity Goodfarm Lutheran Church.
A little background on our religions first.  We are both Lutherans, while I'm of the ELCA variety and the Mr. is LCMS.  Not a huge difference in my opinion, but that's just me.  My family had stopped going to our church years ago.  A new pastor came in and really shook things up, and most of the congregation left.  So they're in the process of finding their new "home" so I don't belong to a church right now.  So the obvious choice was to have it at Mr. T's church which I've attended numerous times since we started dating.

Let me show you some pictures, and I think you'll get the idea why I'm so excited about this church.  It's just so cute!
The front of the church.  The doors on the left lead to the fellowship hall.  To the right (out-of-shot) are the front doors.
And here is the out-of-shot view from the previous picture.  The cute red front doors. (Ignore my family wandering around!)
A sign in the front yard that I'm hoping we can put our names on =]
"Brides-Eye View" from the front of the church looking back.
The altar at the front of the church.  I just love all the gorgeous woodwork in this church and you can catch a glimpse here, but the entire church has beautiful, original stained glass windows.
The fellowship hall decorated for Easter.  We can use this in the case of overflow.  (This is a definite possibility but more on that later.)
The kitchen that us girls can get dressed in if we decide not to come ready.

The best part about this is that it is a very small congregation, so there was no competition for our date.  And, Mr. T's dad is the president of the church, so for the price of a donation made to the church, our ceremony location is set.

So now you know where we will be getting married in less than 9 months!  This is the church I will say "I do" in and promise to love Mr. T for better or for worse, surrounded by all of our family and friends.
And let me just say, I can't wait!!

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