Sunday, August 23, 2009

You'd Think We Were Dating Or Something...

Hobby Lobby is probably my favorite store, we're pretty much in love.  That's okay right? To have a love affair with a store?  When I'm down here at school in Champaign there is one about 5 minutes away. And when I'm home I'm not more than 20 minutes away from it.
Reasons Why I love Hobby Lobby:
1. They have sales, ALL the time. Really, if you miss something, chances are very likely that it will be on sale in two weeks.
2. They always have 40% off coupons.
3. They will make price adjustments up to two weeks after your purchase if something goes on sale.
4. They never give you any crap when you want to return a whole bunch of stuff you didn't end up using (up to 30 days, even on sale items!)
5. They have pretty much everything.
6. They let you special order items at their sale price. I ordered 110 sheets of 12X12 cardstock when it was 50% off because they didn't have enough in the store.

Hobby Lobby has always been my go-to store for crafting needs. I've just always had more luck there, and spent way less money there than other places.

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