Thursday, August 27, 2009

Green With Envy....Shoe Envy That Is

I can't help but think of "Pretty Toes" and "Bubble Toes" while getting ready to put this much effort into writing about the gorgeous shoes that will cover my toesies.

When I first got engaged and was on one of many marathon "Google" sessions looking for ideas and pictures of what I'd like, I couldn't help but notice the oh-so-popular trend of colored shoes that we all know and love.  It just makes for some adorable pictures.

Well I decided right away that I just had to have adorable green shoes.  So I started my search.  I came up with some really adorable options, and I would have loved to have any one of them...
BP by Nordstrom (source)
Nine West Satin Jojus in Green
BP Enlightment by Nordstrom
.....but I was running into problem after problem trying to buy them!  Either I couldn't figure out the name of the shoe, or they were simply sold out, everywhere.  The Jojus I gave up on quickly after realizing they've been gone for awhile.  Check out any bridal blog and I'm sure you'll see posts by brides "Desperately seeking Green Satin Jojus". 
So then I moved onto the BP Enlightment shoe thinking I might get lucky.  I called up Nordstrom's and had them check all the stores.  I was THIS! close to ordering a pair.  The operator said she found a size 7 in one store, and I asked her to look then for an 8 also.  (I wear a 7.5 and I figured an 8 would fit better than a 7)  Well she couldn't find any 8's so when she went back to order my 7's they were nowhere to be found!
So there went that dream.  I went back to searching the internet and ebay and scouring the Classified ads on Weddingbee hoping someone would put up a pair for sale.  I mean they'd only be worn for about 12 hours, my feet don't mind sharing someone else's shoes =]
Have any of you gotten your hopes up for that one perfect item, only to see them come crashing down??

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