Monday, August 24, 2009

I Shopped For My Wedding In a Basement

I went wedding shopping. In a basement. And I got a ton of awesome stuff!!

You see, I've been working for the last 5 years at a gift store and I really lucked out with bosses who love me (and me them!).  Two years ago their only daughter got married and my boss went all out. And I mean allll out! She has always been good at buying whatever she wants for us to sell, and I think she followed the same guidelines when she was shopping for her daughter's wedding.

Long story short, she bought a lot of things, and they have been sitting down in the basement of the store in boxes ever since.

So the other day I went in to visit when I got home from MN for the summer and afterwards I went exploring in the basement and come home with these:

Boxes from my first trip to the basement.
And here is everything that I unpacked from these boxes:

The contents include:
15 tall pillar hurricanes
17 short pillar hurricanes
33 1" diameter cylinders
4 votive holders (There will be 300 more of these coming as soon as she gets them back from a friend who is borrowing them)
Here is a closeup of the hurricanes and cylinder (as well as the table numbers I'm currently working on)

More details to follow about my table numbers and what I'm going to do with the hurricanes!

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