Thursday, August 27, 2009

DIY: Bridesmaid Newsletter

I have two bridesmaids in Chicago, one in Macomb, one in Iowa, and one in Wisconsin.  They're kind of all over the place and a little bit hard to keep track of.  I thought it would be nice to send out a newsletter every couple of months to keep them on top of things and in-the-know.
Yeah, I could call them.
But it's much more fun for me to create cute stuff and print it out.  And when everything is by text or email these days, who doesn't like getting actual mail from time to time?? I know I love it.  Especially when I'm away at school. 
Plus, when it's down on paper it's easier to remember.

So in about an hour or so I put together the following with Microsoft Digital Image Suite: (more on this later, but it's one of my favorite programs)

Page 1
Includes all of the bridal party and their phone numbers, as well as a thank you and the link to our engagement pictures.

Page 2
Talks about the dress they're going to buy as well as what I'd like for them to do for shoes and jewelry.

Page 3
Shows a preliminary outline for the day as well as where the ceremony and reception will be.

Page 4
I let them know where I have hotels blocked and also asked them if we could all try and get together in November.  It also has our website on the bottom.
* The font I used was dearjoe4 from
* Click on images for larger view.

So there you have it.  A quick, and simple project that I enjoyed spending some time on.  And a nice little bit of mail for my girls =]

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