Monday, August 31, 2009

Wedding Cake Inspiration: Part One

Wedding Cake.

Yum =] Just the thought of it makes me happy.  There's something about cake to me, that just evokes happiness and celebration.  Just the sort of things you'd want on your wedding day. 

Maybe it stems back to all the wonderful cakes my mom would have made for our birthdays.  A close family friend of ours is an excellent baker and she never failed to outdo herself while we were growing up.  I had a teddy bear shaped cake for my first birthday, big bird shaped when I was 4 or 5, a cake with keys for my 16th....and many others in between.

She's wonderful, and she's agreed to make my wedding cake.  Which makes her even more wonderful =]  So even though I won't need to know for a long time what my wedding cake is going to be made of, or what it's going to look like, a girl can't help but pull together ideas early!!

So here goes:

I love the simple round tiers with the green banding on the bottoms and the little dots are adorable, but not polka-dottie.  Not so much do I love the flowers on top.

The green in this is more appropriate, but I'm not totally sold on the swirlies.

This is one of the only square cakes in my saved folder, and I think I just like it for the banding.  Not a fan of the orchids randomly placed among the tiers.

I love how each tier has a different design, but it's very lacking in color.  No all-white cakes for us!

This could be cute and simple, with the appropriate green.

This last picture is the way I'm currently leaning right now, with maybe the cute dots from the first picture.  I want a band of green spider mums going around the base of just the bottom tier and possibly worked in as the cake topper as well.

I haven't even begun to think about the inside of the cake, because there are just too many yummy possibilities!!  For now my eyes are content to wander on the beauty that is the icing =]

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