Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bridesmaids Jewelry

So the other day I was shopping Gordman's with a friend, her brother, and mom after moving down to school.  We went in to look for shorts for her brother, and staring me right in the face as soon as we walked in the front door was the jewelry section.  I started browing, initially looking for earrings to make a DIY brooch with (but more about that later).  Then I found the most perfect necklaces!!
Remember the dresses the girls will be wearing?  If not here's a quick reminder.
I really wanted to go with a necklace that was green in color since the top of the dresses are white.  I think the ones I found are perfect, I just need to try it on with the dress next time I make it home.  I promise ya'll I'll show you what it looks like.

And here's the best part.... the price!  They were each on sale for $9.98 and they come with a pair of earrings (which I'm not sold on yet, but I'll put up pics soon).  The even better part?? Although I feel slightly bad about this, I didn't notice it until I was out in the car.  The cashier only charged me for 4 of the 5 necklaces I bought!!  So a nice $40 and all my girls will have jewelry to wear =]

Have any of you received an unexpected "good deal" while wedding shopping? 

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