Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Venues, Part Two: The Reception

We were engaged around 3:00PM, back home to IL around midnight, and had our venue picked out by about 12:30 that night.

Not officially or anything, but we definitely knew where we wanted to be....or so we thought.  We were both originally planning on going with The Country Mansion in the neighboring town of Dwight, IL.  The place is gorgeous, we've both been to weddings out there, and let's face it..there just aren't many choices when you're living in the town we live in.  As an added bonus, it would only be about 5 minutes away from the church.

So I called them up and got a price list from them and made sure that our date was available and then had her "hold" the date for me for a week.  At the end of the week we still hadn't made any choices so she continued to hold it for another week.  During this time my mom was talking to her friends and the Morris Country Club came up as a suggestion.  So we decided to go check it out.

From the moment we got there we were all sold.  Tim Gourley, the manager and man in charge of weddings is wonderful to work with.  He treated us all to a brunch the day we went out to have a look so we could test out the food a little and see what we thought.  And let me tell you, it was absolutely delicious!

Let me show you what made us change our minds....
Just look at the gorgeous tented ceiling!  It is heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer.
The round tables will be covered in floor length white linens.
Where the head table will be....and do you see those beautiful chivari chairs?? They're included =]
The entrance from the parking lot.  There are another set of double doors at the end of this hallway to enter the main room.  The table with seating cards will be placed out here along with a surprise I'll share with you later.

And the bonus?  I know you're probably wondering how a beautiful place like this could get any better....but I'm about to shock you all.

It's free.  Yes I said free =]  The room rental is free, the tables and linens are free, the chairs are free, the plates, cups, silverware etc. are free.  There is no cake cutting fee or any other silly things like that.  The only thing we have to pay for is the food and the alcohol.  We will have the place for 6.5 hours or so.  Our contract says it goes until 11PM but we are allowed to stay past then without any additional fees if the party just isn't ready to stop.
The reason for this awesome deal is because they just recently put up this tent and switched managers, so Tim is trying to start over and really start to build up this aspect of the Country Club.  In time they will charge for all of these things, but for now he's just trying to get people in.
And in case you're wondering, the food isn't outrageously priced.  We're most likely going with a $20 dollar plate along with the option to have a $7 kids meal.
Yeah, it's gonna be awesome.  Feel free to be jealous.  And then, if you're from the area, give Tim a call.

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