Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Pillow for the Ring Bearer

Okay, so I think y'all are getting the idea by this point that I don't like to do things the easy, store bought way.  And plain and boring just ain't my style.  So, of course, I'll be making the pillow for our ring bearer to carry down the aisle.

First I want to introduce the little guy to you (or who we're hoping will be our ring bearer-I still need to ask!!).  He is my cousin's son, and so adorable!  He will be around 3 1/2, I believe, by the wedding next year.
So, ya know, I can't just go with a plain white pillow.  That would be waaay too boring, and I wouldn't get to do anything!  So I started looking for unique alternatives.
I fell in love with this immediately.  It takes the "bear" in ringbearer literally and incorporates a childhood teddy bear.  I started thinking about all the stuffed animals I have stored away at home and if there were any cute little bears that could work, but unfortunately there aren't (I was more of the stuffed puppy kind of kid).  And I think it's cheating to go out and get a new teddy bear for this.  Kinda defeats the purpose.
So although I've given up, I kept the picture around, because it's just so cute!
I like the simplicity of this, while it is still very pretty.  If I were to go this route, I would probably make the pillow green and the bow black to match our colors.  And there are green hydrangeas so I could even make an exact replica if the creative juices aren't flowing!
There are a few things I love about this pillow, beside the fact that it is just gorgeous!  It is made of felt which I think is awesome.  I loooove the sheared edges (correct sewing term? Probably not, but I was too lazy to Google it.)  And the flower is just too cute.
The only thing I'm concerned about is getting carried away and ending up with a pillow that is too girly for my little man to carry down the aisle.  But I'll try and keep myself in line.
A DIY post will follow sometime in the near future, so you guys can see what I come up with!!
Have you guys come up with any unique solutions to the ring bearers pillow??

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