Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Love Letters

The best part about being 506.4 miles (I just googled it) away from Mr. T is that we get to utilize the often forgotten form of communication: snail mail.  I just love that moment when you open up your mail box and you find something in there for you that isn't a bill or junk mail.  It brightens my day, especially when it comes from Mr. T.

Yeah, we're kind of sappy like that, and we write each other love letters.  But when I get to missing him horribly I can go back and see his handwriting assuring me that what we're doing is for the best, and that he loves me oh-so-much!

So yesterday I dropped a little something in the mail for him.  It's a continuation of a little tradition I started.  I make him cards, just because and for special occasions.  They're nothing super fancy, in fact it's just a piece of sketch paper folded in half.  But I always draw him a little something on the front, and tell him how awesome he is on the inside.

And the best part is, he saves them, and loves them.

Here's what yesterdays looked like....minus the lovey-dovey details on the inside, cause that's for Mr. T =]

Its inspiration photo, one of my favorite engagement pictures:

Throughout the course of our relationship "Whatever It Takes" has become our motto of sorts.  And now it's even more fitting than ever, because we are doing whatever it takes to have an amazing life together.  He's up in MN working on his masters, and I'm down here, even though I'd much rather not be, finishing up my degree.  So day after day, we keep chugging along, until we don't have to miss each other anymore.

What little traditions or habits do you have with your guy??

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  1. That's so sweet! And you're a freaking artist! Wow!

    We have a few little phrases we say a lot and we always say good night on the phone the exact same way - we have for a few years now! All of my close friends know about it because they've heard it at one point or another!


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