Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Since I've got nothing else to post about for a little while, I figured I'd share our Christmas decorations with you in the spirit of the upcoming holiday.  I just finished getting everything put up yesterday, just in time for Mr. T's parents and brothers to get here to visit.  I had grand plans, but only had time, and the effort, to put up about 70% of it all.

A wreath I put together with supplies from Hobby Lobby for about $15.  I wanted to put it on the front door, but the hanger wouldn't stick, so now it's on the door that leads to the inside from the front porch.

Here's a cute little wreath I made for the inside, using LauraLou's tutorial over at Lucky in Love.

Our tree is a little puny this year, but it was one I've had laying around from when I used to decorate my room at my parents' house.  So we decided to use it instead of buying a new one right away.  I bought most of the turquoise and silver ornaments on sale last year at Walmart, and got the rest and the tree topper and garland on sale at Hobby Lobby this year.

Garland to match the tree with the left over ornaments and beaded garland.

I needed an excuse to buy some shelves I've been wanting for awhile and the stockings were the perfect solution.  I love the tin trees I found at my work, they're adorable.  For the stockings I found these on sale for $1.50 at Hobby Lobby and added some cute ribbon to make them a little less boring.  They're our in between stockings until I finally finish the ones I'm making.

A cute little stocking for Chief that I took home free from work because it didn't work anymore.

And a lighted picture for fun.

I get to open my Cricut on Christmas, so get ready for some fun projects in the coming weeks.  I also have to get my invitations going, so those will be coming in the near future.
But until then, enjoy your time off if you get any, have lots of food, and cherish the time you get to spend with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Update: Had to include a picture of Chief celebrating Christmas.  Mr. T's mom bought the cute little Santa outfit.  Just to note though, this is the first and last time he will ever be in clothes.


  1. Love both of your wreaths!! Merry Christmas!

    PS - I forgot to let you know I got the coasters! We really are twins because before I opened it I told my mom and David, "I wonder if she put a note in there. I always do that when I send things!" And then I opened it and right on top was a cute little note! :) Haha, I had to laugh.

  2. It looks beautiful! I wish I had that much energy to decorate, but I've been quite the Scrooge this year!

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I love seeing other people's Christmas decorations.

  4. I normally go all out like you did at Christmas and though I did put up most of our decorations I was just a bit off this year in getting it all together. Your place looks amazing and you did a fabulous job. I love it when people get all decked out for the holidays! So fun.


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