Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kids' Table

I've read a lot lately about people have kids-free receptions, and while that might be nice for some people, it just won't work for us.  I kind of like the idea of having a fancy, formal reception without kids present, but at the same time, it wouldn't be us.  We both love little kids, and neither one of us feel like it would be right to not have them present at our wedding.  Kids bring so much happiness and fun to wherever they are, and heck, we're both kids at heart ourselves.
Mr. T and I are both at points in our lives where our cousins and other family members are having babies and raising a family.  To tell them they can't bring their babies and little kids, doesn't make sense for us.  And it wouldn't be logical either.  Almost everyone will be traveling from out of town, and they would either have to leave their kids at home, or at the hotel.  I think that if we did that, most of them just wouldn't show up, because it wouldn't work out for them.  And it just seems a little silly.
Our reception venue has kids' meals for only $7 so its not like it will be a burden on us to have them there.  By early estimates, I believe we will have about 30 kids under the age of 12 at the wedding and reception.  I plan on having them seated with their parents for dinner, but I'm also planning on having a separate kids table full of things to do for after dinner, to keep them occupied for the remainder of the reception.  I've got grand ideas for fun activity bags instead of favors, and all sorts of good things for the table itself.  We'll see how many of them actually come to life, but I do think it's pretty important.  Here are a couple examples:

(source) - Activity books, to make not buy

(source) - Tutorial - Crayon Rolls

(source) - Games to play

(source) - Candy Centerpiece

Etc, etc.  There are so many different options, I just have to pick some, and remember not to spend too much money!
Will there be little kids at your wedding?? If so, what are you doing for them? If not, how come?


  1. I absolutely love kids, we have tons in both of our families, and I've worked for a lot of families either as a babysitter or nanny, so we'll definitely be having kids at our wedding and reception! I plan to do a couple kids tables at our reception too with coloring/activity books, crayons, games, and I'm sure some other stuff. I plan to make ribbon topiaries (I'll be posting about them soon) for the centerpieces - I think they'll be so cute!

  2. Those ideas are great!!!

    While we love kids, we just know a TON of kids, and don't want it to be over run with kids. Our reception hall isn't extremely large, and I feel that it might make it crowded. We do love kids, and they'll be invited to the wedding, but only the flower girl & ring bearer & their siblings are allowed. It's nice for the parents too-a lot of them are babies, and we're only allowing those over 16 to come.

  3. Great ideas! I think it's important for them to have fun too!

  4. I kind of feel bad about not having kids at my wedding,but then when I think about the irresponsible parents that I have in my family (yikes, that sounds mean huh?), I am just hopeful that they leave their children home. It's not the kids fault really, it's the parents. I have a few aunts that let their kids literally run circles around the house, break things, wrestle with the younger kids, but I mean, they watch too much WWE and are crazy violent, so yeah...we decided no kids their but our own son, and our little flowergirl.


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