Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Baaack! . . . Kind of.

Hello all.
Sorry I left you all for so long.  Last week I only had three days of classes and then I headed home for the weekend and spent too much time going out and having fun with all of my friends to remember to touch base with all of you.  I've been trying to cram everything and anything into the short amount of time I have left in IL.  It's so weird to think that I'm moving in only 6 days.
Here's what my week looks like:
Monday: take two finals
Tuesday: take one final
Wednesday: pack up my apartment completely
Thursday: take my last final! Drive home and pick up Mr. T from the airport =]
Friday: come back to school and GRADUATE!
Saturday: work a cheerleading competition for my boss and go out one last time at home
Sunday: drive to WI and pick up our puppy, and finish through to MN

His 7 week picture taken yesterday.  I think we've unofficially decided on the name Chief.  The lady said he will sit at the base of the stairs and watch the other little puppies play and jump in and help when necessary.  And it was our U of I mascot until someone decided it wasn't politically correct.  I say "Long live the Chief."  So it seems appropriate.  We'll see though!

after that: Decorate our house with the enormous amount of Christmas things I've been accumulating for the last two months.  Enjoy two large Christmas parties with each side of Mr. T's family, one on Christmas Eve and one on Christmas Day.  Host our first Christmas dinner at our house in MN with Mr. T's immediate family.

It's going to be a crazy end to the month, and I'm sure it will be an emotional rollercoaster for me.  I can't believe I'm graduating in only 4 days, and then leaving school for good.  And my hometown.  That part is going to be the toughest.

I haven't been working on any projects lately either, so I don't really know what to talk to you guys about.  Anything you would like to know??  Ask me some questions, and I can devote a few posts to answering them!  Wedding related, personal, I don't really care!


  1. Super cute puppy! How exciting! And congrats on your upcoming graduation! :)

  2. Lots of luck with your finals! :)

  3. You've shared a lot about your DIY projects...have you shared stuff about the actual venue, vendors, etc? Maybe you did in month's past before I was a follower but I'd love to hear about the stuff that you chose as well as the stuff that you did yourself :)


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