Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Have a Question From The Audience

 Since I've been drawing a total blank lately as to what to talk about, I figured I'd answer a question I got from one of my readers.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...
You've shared a lot about your DIY projects...have you shared stuff about the actual venue, vendors, etc? Maybe you did in month's past before I was a follower but I'd love to hear about the stuff that you chose as well as the stuff that you did yourself :)

I have shared a little bit about my venue and vendors, but I haven't gotten too in depth besides letting you guys know what they actually are.  Here's a summary of what some of you may already know.

The Church
This post was back in August, so I won't blame some of you newer guys for not knowing =]
We're getting married in the little church that Mr. T and his family have been going to ever since they moved to our hometown when he was in 5th grade.  It's an adorable old church set out on a country road.  The congregation consists of about 50 people or so, and Mr. T's dad happens to be the president.  This works out really well for us because we will basically have free reign of the church.  I plan on decorating it the Thursday or Friday morning before the wedding.  I can technically do it anytime after church the previous Sunday.  The means I can take my time and I don't have to worry about rushing to get it all done.
The Reception
This one was also way back in August.
Basically there are three options for reception venues in my hometown.  One is about 20 minutes out of town, but happens to be pretty close to the church.  We decided against that because of the distance and the driving at night.  Out of the other two, one is ridiculously overpriced and the food is horrible.  So that left us with basically one option.

(decorated for a different event)

You can read the post for all of the details and pictures, but here are a couple of highlights.  First, those beautiful chivari chairs are included for free.  Second, there is no venue rental fee, no linens and table fee.  Basically, the only things we pay for are the food and alcohol.  And the food isn't outrageously priced at $70+ a plate.  A middle of the line, delicious option, is only $20 a person, and we can do a kids meal for $7.  Plus, we can bring in our cake lady, our own DJ, photographer, etc.
And it doesn't hurt that the ceiling is gorgeous, and it's on at a Country Club that we can use to take pictures after the ceremony.

And going back through all of my old posts I've realized I haven't really shared all that much about my vendors.  I didn't do it on purpose, but I'm also from a little bitty town, and they're not well known vendors in big cities, so sharing with you won't really do much good.  Although I do plan on doing an indepth review of everything afterwards.  At this point I'd really only be able to tell you who I picked, and that's a little boring.

Hopefully this served its purpose for some of my new followers.  I do talk a lot about my projects and ideas, and don't really dive into all the other aspects as much.  So from now on I'll try and work on that.

I wouldn't mind designating a day to answering any questions I get during the week, so if you're wondering about anything else, or want to know more about my personal life, ask away!  I don't mind =]


  1. Thanks for sharing! :) I love your little church and the reception venue sounds like a great find for cost and decor. I love when there's not a lot of extra fees. Sounds like you have lots of plans and even though you may feel you were limited with your options, I can't wait to see and hear more as it all looks so great and quaint :)

  2. Your reception venue looks amazing! And what a deal!

  3. Hey girl, hope your last final went well! And that you're enjoying no longer being in a long distance relationship! :) I left you something on my blog!


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