Monday, April 19, 2010

DIY: Escort Cards, Revisited

Hey's been forever I know...but I have been following all of you, I've just been to lazy to post anything lately.  So I'm sorry!

But I'm back, for awhile anyways.  I'm going to be crazy busy from now until the wedding...I can't believe it's only 33 days away!

But anyways, I showed you all my escort cards quite awhile back.  If you don't remember, they looked like this:
I was planning on having these all laid out on a table when you first walked in, and each guests' table number would be on the inside.
Well I've since decided against that, and I'll be doing something a little different to show each guest to their table.
But I did realize that we'll need cards at each seat, because we're offering a choice between two entrees and we'll need a way to differentiate that so the waiters know who to serve what.  Our event coordinator recommended doing a little rhinestone or sticker or something on each card, but I wasn't really a fan of any of those options.
So I'm going to do this same design, with a different tent for each entree.
The green tents are for the chicken entree, the black for the steak, and the white is for the kids meals.

I sat down the other day and got done all of the people that have RSVP'd so far.
These will be put at each seat, but I'm going to try to figure out a way to let people know that they are free to move around at their table, they just need to make sure their tent follows them.

Are any of you dealing with multiple entree issues??  How are you distinguishing the two choices?


  1. They look great! I am doing almost the same thing as you are. I am going to put green ribbon on escort cards for people who choose the vegetarian option and brown ribbon on the escort cards for people who choose the meat entree.

  2. That's a great idea, I hadn't thought about it before!

  3. They're so cute! We're doing a buffet dinner, so I didn't have to worry about this and don't have much advice. Sorry!


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