Thursday, May 20, 2010

DIY: Direction Signs, Part Two

Remember this sign I made?
I posted about its DIY here.

I finally got a chance to put a couple clear coats on them, so I made Mr. T go out in the shop yesterday and put some legs on it.  He bought 8 ft 2x4s and cut them in half so the signs would be 4 ft tall.  Since the boards have writing on both sides, we needed the legs to be on the sides instead of the center.
Here's what he came up with.
He used a dado blade on our table saw to cut out a groove on each post for the board to slide down into.  (We actually used this same technique for our bed).

And the genius that he is, he figured out how to get it to stand up without having to dig holes for the posts since these are only temporary.  He attached metal stakes to the side of each post, so they can just be driven into the ground.
I'm so excited to see these up in action.  I already bought white latex balloons to tie onto them so they're as noticeable as possible!! None of my wedding guests will be getting lost =]

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  1. Love it! I've been so into the whole wedding signage thing lately.


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