Friday, May 14, 2010


Hey everyone...just wanted to let you know all my wedding festivities start ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!

One week from today I'll be setting up my reception and getting ready for our rehearsal and dinner.  I cannot wait...but I'm hoping it goes slowly because I feel like I still have a list that's a mile long.

So far I've been home since the beginning of May and I really didn't get anything accomplished for the first week and a half...other than going out five nights in a row, staying out til 3 in the morning, and catching up with my friends! But you have to do that every once in a while.

So now I'm really down to crunch time, and everyone is noticing.  I don't FEEL stressed, but I know I am and I'm starting to take it out on my family and Mr. T.  I'm the type of person that when I start doing things, and working on my to-do list, you better just leave me alone because I'm in a zone.  So I've been going going going, and not really stopping to just BE.  And what sucks about it is that Mr. T is staying at his parents' house while he is home, so we really aren't getting any down time to just sit around and be together.  So that's taking a toll on the both of us, and I've been a little snappy.
But we talked about it today and what it really comes down to is that we just miss each other.  Neither one of us is nervous yet...I think we're both too excited to be nervous.  But I'm sure the nerves will come about this time next week.

On the project front, I'm finishing up lots of things, and I've been taking pictures all along the way.  I really don't have time to stop and share them with you, so be ready for DIY overload after the wedding!
So be on the lookout for:
Last minute projects, RSVP breakdowns, budget breakdowns, awesome gifts for our bridal party, schedules for the day of our wedding, PICTURES FROM OUR WEDDING DAY!! and much more.

I'll try to stop in one or two more times before I'm a MARRIED LADY!! (so exciting!)


  1. I am sooo SO excited for you!! Can't believe you're so close! :) Tomorrow is 4 weeks for us and I'm starting to freak out! I graduate on Sunday and move home on Monday, so it will really be crunch time then! So excited to see how everything turns out, twin!!

  2. WEDDING TWINNNN!!! Can you believe it?? This is crazy. I'm sending you lots of good vibes in hopes that in some small way that will make this next week go smoothly for you. Here's hoping you get tons accomplished this weekend and you're able to have a fairly stress-free wedding week!

    Oh! And I printed the seating chart at Staples yesterday and picked it up today. It looks fabulous! If you haven't done yours already, I highly recommend Staples.

    Good luck, gal!!

  3. one week!?! yay!!!!!!!!! I hope this next week goes well for you.

    congratulations... you're almost there!!

  4. Em....I'm sending looooots of good vibes your way too...because if you feel anything like I'll need them! haha And I'm glad to hear about the seating chart....I'm glad it looks awesome. I just have to finalize a couple things on mine and then I'm going to have it printed. I was thinking Staples, so now that you said that I'll probably do it! Did you just upload it online??

    LauraLou....your four weeks are going to FLY! Congrats on graduation =]

    Thanks Jillreigh!

  5. Ooh, one week! So exciting :) Good luck!


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