Monday, October 5, 2009

Cake Table: Part One

Early on in the planning I had some pretty elaborate ideas of what our cake table should look like.  I think I was being bombarded with a million different inspiration pics and I just had to incorporate all of the neat new trends.

While I've since wised up, I thought we could take a trip down memory lane today and I could show you what I was thinking way back when.  Ooookay....I guess it was only 6 months ago, but it still feels like it's been awhile.

Originally I thought I wanted to do a candy buffet, and even though it's become such a popular trend on wedding blogs, I figured none of my real life/non obsessed-wedding stalker friends and family would have actually seen it before.  But then I came across all of the following pictures and decided I'd rather have a "dessert" table that incorporated a candy buffet with the wedding cake.

I love the all-white stands with all of the pops of color.

How freaking cute is that popsicle tree?? I totally would have DIY'd it.

I love all the greens in this one.

Are you noticing a pattern here?? I love the coordinating stands and limiting the desserts to the wedding color palette.  Gorgeous!

In all honesty, I'm really not sad to set free this little dream.  (Although if any of you are inspired and decide to go this route, share pictures with me please!!)  My heart was never really set on it, I just thought it was such a cute idea.  But practicality reminded me that it's totally unnecessary.

So now that it's decided we'll have a cake, and just a cake....I'm off to find a way to spice up the cake table.  I'll share what I come up with in part two!

Is anyone here doing a dessert table or something extra to go along with your wedding cake??

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