Friday, October 9, 2009

Stalking My Photographer

I'm kind of sorta stalking my wedding photographer.... but not in a bad way I swear!  I just like to look at her website from time to time and see if she's put up any new pictures.  I'm also friends with her on facebook and I get really excited when she adds new pictures from a wedding or engagement shoot.

I've decided this isn't a bad thing, I'm just doing "research" into her style and it gives me a idea of what my pictures might turn out like.

Just wanted to share a couple from the album she added today.  I'm so glad it worked out with our budget to go with her, and these reinforce that.

*All pictures from Brandy Swartz of Brandy Swartz Photography

Are any of you "stalking" your wedding vendors??


  1. I'm sooooo guilty of cyber-stalking my photog too. Those pics looks great, I love the one of the couple on the bridge.

  2. Of course! I check my photogs blog daily for new updates! I LOVE her work and it's so much fun to see her new stuff.

  3. I totally stalk my photographer's blog. Unfortunately she NEVER updates it and the most recent post was from August.

  4. I stalk my photographer's website all the time - I wish she had a blog!

    PS - Check out my blog! I have something for you! :)

  5. I just found some amazing photos from my wedding venue...I want to go back to the place and get another tour!

  6. Marie, I too stalk the site of a woman who took pictures of my venue, they are just SO fabulous.

    Very nice pictures, btw :)


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