Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boutonnieres vs. Pocket Squares: Part One

Side note: I cannot for the life of me manage to spell boutonnieres right the first time, so for the remainder of this post they will likely be called bouts, or some other derivative.  I'm just lucky the title is spelled right currently, it took me three tries!

In a previous post, I clued you into how much my florist is charging me per bout ($7.00), and at 16 bouts I'm looking to spend over $100 on flowers....for guys!  Don't get me wrong, I love these guys, but that's a lot of money to spend on something they'll throw away the minute they get the chance.  I'm at least hoping the girls might bring their bouquets home and put them in water to look at for a couple days until they die.  The guys on the other hand, not gonna happen.

So in that post, I came up with a fake floral alternative that I am pretty happy with.  It cuts down the cost dramatically, and were super easy to do.  But then my lovely mother voiced her concerns about them and got me thinking.  She has an incredible talent for this, by the way.  She thought that maybe it would be weird, or look funny, or the guys might actually care that the bouts are fake when everyone else has real flowers.  I'm not worried about the guys caring, but I am wondering if it matters that the bouts will be the only fake flowers.

As a solution to this whole ordeal, lately I've been thinking about doing a pocket square instead of a bout.  Just totally scrapping the flowers altogether.  I think you can still get the visual interest with a pop of color peeking out from the pocket.  I was looking at tuxes this weekend, and priced out pocket squares out of curiosity.  There the guys would each buy a $6 pocket square that they would keep after the wedding is over.  There's two drawbacks to that: it would cost almost as much as the originally quoted bouts, and they didn't have the green color I would need. 
The nice thing about a pocket square, though, is that it's essentially a square piece of material with finished edges.  DIY anyone??  If I make them myself, I'll know that the green matches exactly, and it will cost a whole lot less.

Part two will be a picture heavy post, with ideas for bouts and pocket squares.  So while this post may have been a little boring, you won't want to miss the next installation!


  1. Totally DIY the pocket squares! I made them for my sister's wedding and they were so easy! She bought about a yard of fabric and I just cut the squares with pinking shears - They looked great!

  2. My venue has an exclusive florist that charges $12 per bout. Yes, TWELVE DOLLARS. Each.

    I'm doing pocket squares, and looking forward to your upcoming post :)


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