Thursday, October 8, 2009

Updating Your Blog: Favicons

Kind of silly, and a lot of work for a little result....but look up at the top of your internet browser at the little url bar...notice how my blog doesn't have that goofy little orange B like all the other blogs, but instead it has a cute little T that matches our wedding colors??  I have my own little favorites icon, aka, "favicon."

And you can have one too! 

Simply create a graphic using your program of choice, and save it as a .jpg  Then go to the site and download a very small program called Imagicon which transforms a .jpg into a .ico file.  Open it and simply drag and drop your .jpg and it instantly creates a .ico file and places it on your desktop.

Then you will need an image hosting site that will let you upload .ico files.  Facebook, flickr, photobucket, etc don't let you do that.  I did some googling and found merrypic  You don't have to sign up for anything.  The home page is the uploader and you simply upload your .ico file that you just changed.  After it uploads click on the button that says go to graphic, and it will open your icon in a new page.  Don't mind the obnoxious pop up that comes up, you can close out of it.  If you click on your actual icon it will come up in another new page by itself.  Copy the url of this'll need it in a second.

Now go to your blogger dashboard and under the Template tab click on the "edit HTML" link.  Towards the top you will see a line that looks like this:

underneath this line type in the following:

Be sure to replace "URL of your icon file" with the actual URL you copied over from merrypic.  Then save the template, and the next time you refresh your blog, your icon should pop up at the top.


  1. VERY COOL! Thanks for sharing this info. I may have to try it :)

  2. I like it! It gives your blog a little more authenticity, I'll be doing this for my blog too.

  3. WOW thanks for the instructions. Did it and it works! However, your hosting site is not running, that's why you don't have a favicon now.

    I used

    Maybe if you reupload yours to there it will work again!


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